Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cassie & Roy

Cassie & Roy -the boyfriend tag

1. where did we meet?
ROY: At the library. (He smirks) Seriously, can't remember the last time I used the library, but there she was at the counter. And I looked at her and decided I'd wait until she was not busy.
CASSIE: I did not know that. (She almost giggles) Um, I didn't really know his name until he came back with his mother. That was a shock. I mean, his Mom looks young enough to be his older sister.
ROY: Seriously? (Roy has his arms cross and he winces..as if he doesn't think  so) Well, my mom is with this guy, a way younger than her. I mean, that was weird to come back too, but that's another story. (He finally smiles)

2. what was our first date?
ROY: We went to the state fair.
CASSIE: In Iowa. (Cassie clarifies and they discuss where they don't even know where the state fair is in Nebraska)
ROY: Anyway, it was this roadtrip. She didn't want to leave her dog, but I persisted. She found someone to take care of Elsa, so we could spend the day. And we left before it was light. I mean, hey, I do enjoy a good drive. (His smile is broad as if he's in his zone)
CASSIE: He's a very good driver. (She nods with a smile.) I feel absolutely safe with him. I mean, we'd talked a little more at the library. A lot. Actually. (Her smile is open as if she was ready to spend the day with him all along).
ROY: There were all these politicians. Republicans.(He chuckles) I'm not really into politics, and we were both a little timid to jump in and shake hands. We watched Donald Trump. I mean, come on, people are eating this stuff up. (He chuckles more as he shakes his head.)
CASSIE: But he was nice to you. I mean, he was proud of you, being in the Army.
ROY: I'm just a mechanic. No, big deal. (He hugs himself tighter and shrugs)
CASSIE: It was a great day. We went on a lot of rides and saw lots of exhibits.,,and we got home safely.
ROY: And there was Elsa waiting for you. (He looks at her as if he might find the dog a little too much, but then he softly laughs.)
3. where was our first kiss and how was it?
ROY: Well..I gotta come clean on this one. I was a little out of practice. You know, being on maneuvers and all, doesn't give me a lot of time to be romantic. But..but we kissed that night. Cause, I didn't want you thinking I just wanted you for this friend. I mean, Cassie's ..just..well..she's someone I could spend the rest of my life with. She's got a great attitude. And she..she keeps me calm, about a lot of stuff. So yeah, I just went for it, on that moonlight night when we got to her house.
CASSIE: Out of practice? (she laughs, putting her hand over her mouth) I don't think so.
ROY: What are you trying to say? (He chuckles)
CASSIE: Oh, he's got some moves. (She looks at him and smiles) I mean, we'd been talking about past relationships. And ..well, I really didn't have any. He almost got in engaged to his high school girlfriend, but last minute, decided it was best to just break it off. And, it must have been serious.
ROY: It was just high school serious. (He keeps his arms crossed.)
Cassie: Anyway, I kept thinking..if it happens..just let it happen...and.. (she looks over to him) I'm glad I did. (She nods).

4. did u know that i was the one
ROY: Oh yeah, right away. First time I saw her. I mean, she's beautiful. I like the way she talks to people. She's old fashioned. And I do respect her. (His arms aren't crossed now and he takes her hand).
CASSIE: I don't really do things like this, but I knew..I did want to meet him.

5. first impression?
ROY: Well, like I said..I instantly knew she was what I wanted. And well, there is something about her that makes me want to be a better person. That's why I decided to take a course out at Metro. I mean, I want us to have a future together. I guess I'll never be a millionaire-
CASSIE: I would never want you to be a millionaire. (She winces with a smile)
ROY: But I would want to do right by you. Do the best that I can. (He nods, as if that is important)
CASSIE: I really enjoy ..when we are together. I could do nothing with you, and be happy. (She assures him as she holds his hand.) I think we can make a good team.  (She smiles more and so does he.)


Launna said...

Awe, this was so cute, I liked reading about how the met and felt xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They are so sweet together!