Wednesday, October 7, 2015

a girl named Lily

a girl named Lily

Lily decided to not tell her Dad about Mommy's new friend. She'd hate to see him mad. After all, it had been ages since she'd seen her Dad.

Actually, she'd told everyone in class that Barry was her new Dad. She wished it was so. She couldn't help it.

Of course, Mommy always did her best to keep to a schedule about her job and about Lily going to school.

In the beginning, her Mommy was so proud about Lily going to school, but it was a full day. Naturally, it was great, getting new clothes, new shoes, a new backpack with supplies. But then it wasn't long until Lily found out about cheerleading classes, and soccer.

"I dunno, Honey..maybe..maybe by winter we can figure this out. I'd like for you to be in soccer." Her mom wasn't quite sold on the cheerleading. It would cost money and time. "I think we need to focus on school, right now." And Lily understood. She could always count on Mommy to be the sensible one, but she was beginning to think Mommy had no sense when it came to men.

Of course, Carson was no help.

He scared Lily sometimes, when he stomped around after work. He was gruff and moody, and she did her best to always stay in her room. She knew he didn't like her. He would never really like her because he did not like her Dad. After all, she had her coloring books and journals, that always seemed to help. Especially, if Carson got in a row with Mommy.

She wanted to save Mommy, but she didn't know how. And then Barry came along.

It was suppose to be a one time deal. They'd changed Mommy's schedule. She had to work until 5 and Mommy couldn't count on her grandparents. Gramps caught pneumonia and was in the hospital for quite a while and Gram was slowly losing her mind.

It was sad, but Lily was always happy to see Barry's smiling face. Usually, they went straight to the park. As their establish time slot became more of a routine. they'd make a trip to the Animal shelter. However, Barry hadn't decided if he wanted a puppy or an old dog. He talked a lot about his dog, that someone else now owned.

He'd go over her homework. He told her numbers were just as important as words. If only he'd tell Mommy the truth. He was just as worried as Lily was about Carson. She didn't want Mommy to marry Carson.


Launna said...

I think we seriously need to listen to our children more when it comes to the people we bring into our lives... they seem to have a sixth sense...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Lily. She's definitely in the middle of a difficult situation. :/