Thursday, October 8, 2015

To the Zoo

To the Zoo!

"What do you think of him?" Sara asked Lily while Taylor went to get the zoo tickets.

"I dunno. He's nice." Lily was excited about going to the zoo. She twisted and turned a little dance of bunched up nerves and happiness.

"By the end of the day, I'll ask you, again." Sara almost winked.

"What are you two, up too?" Taylor was all grins when he came back to them at the gate of the zoo. He was carrying the backpack with drinks and snacks. It was a crisp fall morning. A perfect day to visit the zoo.

"She wants me to give her a report-"

"Its for school." Sara cut in before Lily could finish. She took her hand and Taylor took the other.

"So, who knows this zoo best?" Taylor looked at them both.

"I DO!" Lily jumped for joy.

"We can't lose her today." Sara then said to Taylor.

"What?" He looked almost frantic at the thought.

They were almost to the aquarium and Sara stopped them both from going in.

"Oh, we've got a lot of walking to do, before we go there." Then she asked Lily what she would do if she did get lost.

"What if I get lost?" Taylor looked at both of them with a silly smile.

"We wouldn't lose you." Sara sighed. "Lily's keeping her eye on you."


Lily nodded with a smile. She lead the way. First they'd go to the cat house, then the ape house, the polar bears, too. "AND OF COURSE THE SAFARI." She pointed to the ski lift, up above. She said that was her favorite thing to do at the zoo.

Taylor gritted a smile.

"After all the walking we're going to do, you'll be glad to go on the Safari." Sara shrugged. She hoped Lily wasn't too hard on Taylor.

"Well, if we get through all this, and the aquarium too, who wants to go to King Kong Burger?" Taylor wanted to know.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a fun way to spend the day!


Launna said...

I hope Lily gives Taylor a chance xox ♡