Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I can see you coming

I can see you coming

When he fell into her arms and hugged her so, it felt like something Ben would do.

Of course, he called her mommy, but then he looked up at her, as if were a terrible mistake.

"You're just gonna stay with me, until Mommy gets better." Mae couldn't fight back the tears. "I'm Mommy's sister." She felt bad they hadn't kept in touch. But she just couldn't. He sat in her lap, as if he wanted to go with her.

He got out his mini iPad and showed her some pictures. Mae was in the pictures. Sadie kept a few photos of them together.

"Mommy. You." He pointed.

Mae sighed. Thankfully, she had all the papers signed, and she could get out of there with him. She held on to him tight, even if he was so much heavier than she ever expected.

She felt a little light headed. Suddenly, she didn't like being alone with him. She felt so lost, and Caden was counting on her.

"We'll get some ice cream, when..when we get back to the hotel." She promised.

He held on to his little tablet and stared into it, as if that's the way his parents were while they were in the taxi. Soon enough, they were back and Ben, Taylor and Sara met her out from.

Instantly, Caden looked at everyone as if he wasn't expecting them. His tablet almost fell to the ground, but Taylor caught it in time and Caden's arms held on to Mae's neck, as if he thought they would take him away. Mae could hardly breathe.

"Hey, hey..its OK." Ben promised. Thankfully, Caden went to him. Mae was grateful, as she did her best to compose herself. Taylor took Caden's backpack.

"What do you want to do first?" Ben asked, but it wasn't a question for Mae.

Caden pointed to the pool.

"You know, maybe not right this second." Ben was the first to notice someone needed his pamper changed. He told them they would have to go up to the room and change.

Mae winced. Oh, the odor. She hoped the problem was only temporary. There were some things about Caden that were clearly advanced, and yet she wasn't so sure about the basics.


Launna said...

I am glad Mae has Caden now... eventually she will become more relaxed with him... the poor little boy...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Mae will adjust.