Saturday, October 3, 2015

That was just a dream

that was just a dream

A phone call from Sadie sent Mae reeling. She felt herself wanting to sink into the earth and just stay there until it was all over. But it might never be over. Sadie left Karl.

"Well, who's Karl?" Naturally, Ben wanted to know.

They were sitting in her car in her parking spot at the apartment complex, after the party. It was well after midnight.

 She couldn't even remember now what any of Sam and Sky's party was about. Her sister was on her mind. She wanted Mae to take the baby.

Mae hit her steering wheel with the palm of her hand ever so bitterly and gritted.

"He's..this guy she's married too." Which was weird because Sadie never liked anything simple. But that was the one thing that was real. Her sister was married to a rocker.

"They have a three year old. Caden." She stated.

"Caden." Ben let that roll around on his tongue. He said it a few more times.

"WOULD YOU STOP!" She looked at him, as if he needed to be quiet. Now.

"Well, what's the big deal?" He looked at her as if he had all the faith in her taking care of her sister's child.

"I..I.." She winced tears, gulped a big breath which brought her down all the more. "She promised...This was never going to happen!"

"What did happen?" He winced then. She hugged herself tight.

"She..she wanted to have Karl's baby, but..but she didn't want to have it." She wasn't sure how much more she could simplify it, as she looked at him from the corner of her eye. "I had this baby, for her." She said ever so calmly.

"You? Had a baby?" Ben smiled all over. "See, I've been having this dream..talking to you..and you're always pregnant in these dreams." He looked like he might be dreaming it all now.

"THAT WAS JUST A DREAM." She snapped.

He only chuckled.

She swelled a frown, knowing he might not be laughing if he knew the whole truth. Not even her sister knew the whole truth about Caden.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a strange assortment of dreams!


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Very nice pics! Great blog!
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Launna said...

Oh my... this is interesting, I can't wait to find out the back story here... ♡