Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat?

trick or treat?

"What kind of name is Xander Sanchez?" Josie looked as if she might be catching an illness when she talked about her neighbor.

"You, gotta snap out of it." Vada told her she better not be swooning.

"I'm not swooning!" Josie swore she had no feelings for the stranger. "Honestly, what..what if he's a psycho know, a serial killer."

"Oh, well..we have enough to worry about that with Jude at the library." Vada shrugged as if she was used to this kind of thing. She helped decorate the pumpkin cookies that Josie baked in the small kitchen that Josie and Henry now called home. "You, two could just move, you know." she squirted more orange icing from the tube to decorate the cooled cookie.

"We have a lease here for six months." There was no way they could afford to move.

"Sorry, I didn't know." She didn't know all these grownup things. Still, there was a lot on her mind. Alo's brother coming to town and of course, her own brother Frankie was practically someone's lap dog and a girl named Lottie was his owner.

Vada told Josie how she and Alo tried to go to a haunted house with those two, and Lottie thought it was boring and way too pricey. She wanted her money back and she nagged the poor ticket guy so, that she not only got her money back, but their money too, and a free pumpkin. "And you know, this has been a bad year for pumpkins." Vada looked at Josie, who of course was paying her no mind. She knew who Josie was thinking about. Xander Sanchez.

and then

Charlie didn't have to go to work until five. Just when kids would be about ready for trick or treating. There was time to follow Carson to work. And she did.

She didn't want to breathe a word to anyone about Carson's new trick until she knew for sure just what sort of treat it was for a Saturday lunch (as Draco kept reminding her with texts and phone calls) She wanted Dracp to be wrong, but when he'd taken pictures.... Even then, it was probably nothing. Carson had found a friend at work. Couldn't she leave it at that? Couldn't she ask?

She didn't want to get into it, with Carson. Even if each day, he'd drag her down, just a bit more. Why was she wearing that to work? Didn't she know she was asking for it?

She winced, wondering what he wanted her to wear? It was never quite right. It would never be right..evidently... clock work, Carson met HER at the diner. And they looked so happy together.

Instantly, Charlie was coming down with a headache. Had she asked for this all along? How would she ever get through this?

Well, she went on with her day. There was Lily's princess costume to put together. At least Lily was spending the day with her friend Natalie.

its written in the wind

Barry was there on time, to pick up Lily. Of course, Natalie's Dad introduced himself. He was Shawn, and had plenty of soda on hand. Barry picked up Lily's costume from Charlie's work. He didn't know why Lily wasn't sleeping over at Natalie's.

"I just don't want her to be a bother." Charlie promised she be off a little after nine. Barry could drop Lily off at the grocery store. She'd given him pumpkin cookies to give to Natalie's family. And now, Shawn thought Barry was Lily's dad, as they waited for the girls to get ready for trick or treating.

"You know, this could be a good friendship, you and me." Shawn grinned. He was new in town. He wanted to know what football teams Barry liked. Had he ever gone to a hockey game?

Barry was a little overwhelmed, but Shawn was likable, yet Barry never had a chance to tell him that he was not Lily's dad, as the night began with kids scurrying around from door to door. There was Lily and Natalie all Cinderella or were they the sisters from Frozen?

"Well, she wanted to be both." Charlie admitted when Barry and Lily showed up later with a pillow case of candy. "So..we just improvised." She'd braided Lily's hair to one side.

Barry wasn't sure if he knew about the FROZEN movie. He only nodded. Actually, he'd nodded most of the night. And just when he was about to tell her what Shawn thought, Carson showed up at the grocery store.

is this a trick?

Will almost decided Halloween was a bust.

1. Bree caught mono, and then Connor did too. It was a strange equation. Will just knew there had to be an extra factor involved, but who?
2. They ended up going to the party with Rico and Lizzie. Naturally, Rico didn't know where he was going out on River Rd (which was a dusty dirt road). Then Rico and Lizzie got in a fight. OK, they insisted they were arguing. They ended up going out in front of the car and got in a heated discussion about something from work. He guessed. They weren't even dressed up. While Will was being very Goth and so was Gabby. Actually, she was rather bewitching. They started kissing because what else was there to do? They didn't have any candy.
3. Will decided he didn't have to have candy on Halloween. No, making out with Gabby was much better. In fact, where did she learn to do all this stuff? It wasn't the right time to ask. Instead, he just took whatever was offered.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Halloween can be a confusing time for introductions.


Launna said...

I'm disappointed in Josie... I want her to be more loyal to Henry... however; I understand that stories have to have challenges in the characters relationships ...