Sunday, November 1, 2015

the possiblity

the possibility

Carson was alone now. Oh, he could barely breathe. He was so angry. How could he let Charlie do this to him?

He thought he could put her in her place. FINALLY.

Oh, she'd never let him know what was actually going on. He believed that now. And when he found her with Barry at the deli..well..what was he suppose to think?

"I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW IT!" He'd let into her like a tiger of some kind, but she was swift and came out from around the counter and met him head on.

"Don't get me fired." She stared him down. Her voice was quiet. "If you have something to say to me, then I don't want Lily around."

Of course, Barry was right behind her to back her down and then that brother of his, that was the doctor at the Quick Care at the grocery store, took Lily with him.

"You'll just have to wait." She needed to be around another five minutes. "Outside."

So he'd fumed out in the October cold, chilling him to the bone. Finally, she arrived in the parking lot next to his truck. All so calm and cool in her heavy, dress length cardigan.

"You, don't know everything." She was straight lipped without emotion as she hugged herself.

"Oh really.." He was ready to start something.

"Everybody's got it out for you. I know, I get it. But no one's hurt you... yet." She was sullen. "I guess, you've forgotten all about that baby of Essie's." She sighed. "Go ahead, point fingers. Drag me down, as much as you can." She winced. "Does it make you feel better? You know, kind of like having somebody else raise your you....don't have too."

"Know what?" He drew a blank. Never did he think she'd bring up something like that. Essie and her baby. "What do you know?"

She only shrugged, so indifferent.

"I'd get a paternity test, if I were you, but then you might know someone who could rig that for you. What do I really know about you?" She kept staring as if he did lay a hair on her, Carson would regret it. So he didn't.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm surprised she's so quick to give advice like that. :/


Launna said...

Carson needs to calm down and talk normally... yelling is inappropriate..