Monday, November 2, 2015

Here we are

here we are

Barry couldn't help to want to hug Charlie, shelter her from the cold. For the first time he sensed how his heart was practically shaking, but he held on to her for as long as she'd let him. She was crying. He ended up crying with her. Some hero he was. He finally sighed.

"Are, you really OK?"

"Yes." Her voice cracked.

"Do you know how much,you scared me?" He looked for any marks on her face. her hands, but he couldn't really tell under the parking lot lights.

She pressed her lips tight. "I probably said all the wrong things, but I know I'm right." She sighed.

"Right about what?"

She cleared her throat. "It probably won't matter." She squinted hard. She told him about Draco's story about her doppelganger. "But I didn't bring that up. I mean, if..if he is seeing someone else, I just hope won't be like..with me. I mean, it couldn't. Cause, I guess he kept wanting me to be that girl he used to know, and now I'm not even sure I know that girl. And..and he never knew all my troubles. He never knew how my mom left my Dad and me when I was growing up. Maybe..maybe he didn't really ever want to know me."

"You can tell me." He put his arm around her. He did want to know about everything. Of course, he thought of Lily when Charlie talked about her childhood. He imagined how Charlie might have been. "You two can come home with me." Somehow, he'd see this through. It didn't matter how long the night might be.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope things work out for them all.


Launna said...

Awe this is sweet that he does want to know everything about her and he wants to help her... xox