Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween aftermath

Halloween aftermath

Easy wasn't so sure if Will knew exactly what he was getting into with Gabby. Of course, he couldn't come right out and tell him that moment, when Easy found them (that Will couldn't see Gabby again.) For the first time, he felt as if being a Dad was a lost cause.

"Its just..you know." He winced so that hot tears emerged when he was sitting  on the edge of the bed while Clare was reading her Kindle. "I dunno if he knows...anything..about sex." He sighed.

"I thought you two talked about that kind of stuff, all the time?" She looked up at him.

He tried to smile. However, he wasn't sure if he was shaking with laughter or just so sad.

"I"ve never seen anyone with that...kind of hickey before." He finally confessed. "My God, you would have thought she had a vacuum cleaner after him." He looked at Clare.

"Is Gabby OK?" Clare's eyes lit.

"She's just fine." Easy shook his head. Why was Clare worried about her?

"It was only a hickey." Clare pursed her lips with a shrug.

"Only a hickey?" Easy had never seen anything like it.

in the dead of night

The last thing Gage ever wanted to do on Halloween was to go with his so-called step-dad Easy, to the woods, looking for Will and Gabby. Naturally, when they got there, Rico and Lizzie were no where in sight. So Gage had to track them down by the river.

Of course, there was something going on. He found the source of the problem when the flash light beamed on them, half undressed on a blanket.

"Well, isn't this convenient?" He sighed. He told them to hurry up. "You two are in trouble."

Naturally, Rico was in a pout. In fact, he was beginning to think Rico might look more like Lizzie. He was making the exact same face, she was. Evidently, she was more than an inspiration.

"You, left Gabby alone with Will." Gage told Rico, his parents would be pissed. "What is going on with you?" Gage scowled at Lizzie, "And I thought you'd be better at keeping him in line." He shook his head. It was a first, being in charge of  delinquents, when he was practically the king of teenage dirtbags.

There's something about Gabby

Will still didn't understand how it could have happened. He winced at first trying to make out the marks on his neck. They were on his chest, too. Perfectly round, black and blue. He didn't remember feeling any pain. Then he stared blankly  at his pale skin. It kind of made him sick. He wanted to say it was cool and be really chilled with it, but now he was disgusted. He scowled, thinking his Dad saw these. It was the worst feeling of all. He'd let his Dad down.

Will held on to his stomach. Finally, he managed to get to the toilet in time. Yes, he really was sick. His lips were raw, even his limbs ached. He wished for sleep, but every-time he closed his eyes..he could see Gabby's face looking down on him. Before he knew it, all he could see was a monster. Why hadn't he tried to get away?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so worried about Will right now.


Launna said...

Will is having a tough time... that is sad...