Sunday, November 15, 2015

as usual

you and me

"I wanted oval and I got square. That woman didn't listen to a thing I said." Halie was ready to go back to the nail salon and give those people a piece of her mind.

"Well, maybe I should clip your nails next time." Gage said ever so casually as he held on to her fingers a little longer with a thorough look. "They look great to me."

Halie went for a pale French manicure.

"I wish Mol was here. I loved her nails. Her's were so professional." Halie had her doubts about Gage and finger nails. Putting a shelf together was one thing, but pampering her nails..she didn't think so.

Of course, she worried what people might think at work. Oh, in her head, she was practicing, being so nice, yet in wasn't coming out all NICE.

Yes, she had to vent to someone, and that was Gage, who was all so laid back. He never lost his cool with her. Sometimes, she thought she might be testing him, but she hadn't broke him yet.

Perhaps, she was just nervous about the new job. As it was, she hadn't worked a night yet. She'd mainly been reading books on how to operate certain computer systems or the City handbook. Neither, were any fun.

"Mom, says she can watch Alec tonight. Maybe we could go to a movie." Gage smiled. He rarely ever had a night off.

"Really?" Finally, some good news. "Now, lets hope something is playing that we want to watch."

She knew she should keep her mouth shut. Halie would be happy to walk around the mall with Gage. She was aware that she needed to get a package to the post office for her mother's Christmas. It didn't look like she'd be seeing anyone in England this holiday. After all, little flurries were everywhere. She still hadn't gotten to driving school yet.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Halie will have a good holiday - she just needs to cheer up a bit and let things take their course.