Monday, November 16, 2015

so you know

It's easy to see

Gabby was going over it in her head about what Will's Dad said when he found them in Rico's car.

She felt doomed, but he'd said he was worried about her. She stayed in her room for days after that. Maybe weeks. She didn't want to eat. She couldn't sleep.

Now she was sure of it, Will knew everything. Didn't he?

"Well, you're kind of hard to find." He said one morning when he found her at her locker.

"Oh." She was pretty much on mute. A part of her wanted to ask him if he was hurt or if he..didn't want to see her again.

Then he started talking about Bree and Connor. "I wonder who kissed someone who had mono." He made it sound like a big mystery.

"You, don't have to kiss someone to catch it." She said matter of fact.

"Huh? How?" He winced as if he didn't comprehend. "Did you have-"

"No, just some girl who lived with the same foster home that I did. It was her lab partner. He just breathed on her, while they were dissecting a frog." She shrugged.

"Good to know. You know a lot of stuff, you know that?" Will looked straight at her. "I mean, these hickeys were pretty precise, you know."

His goofy smile almost made Gabby laugh, but she sighed and winced really hard.

"I'm sorry." She said very quickly. It was hard for her to apologize because no one ever apologized to her, and she'd had much worse, but she wouldn't dare show him the scars. It was best to stay quiet. Be that wallflower, everyone whispered about. Usually, though, she just hurt herself when she was depressed.

A lump wedged in her throat. She couldn't speak another word. He didn't really want to know her. Did he?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish she had more confidence in herself.


ivy said...

Poor Gabby. I hope she'll come out of her shell.