Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Some people would not call it sleep

Some people would not call it sleep

"I wished we would have talked about this." Taylor looked at Sara stunned.

"Well, we're talking about it, right now." She was getting testy. He didn't think they'd argue about it. "Its not like I'm moving in. Its just for a day or two." She sighed. She crossed her arms as he got out the hot pizza from the oven. It wasn't quite homemade. Taylor picked  it up at a place that made pre-made pizza.

"Think about it," She told him. "Everyone thinks we're together, anyway. Its not that big of a deal." Sara told him how her mother had questioned her. It was as if she expected them to already be nesting.

"OK." But it felt coerced, even if the logistics were reasonable. Taylor's lean face could hardly grow a beard. Even so, it was a very fair and invisible hairline. Yes, he was a late bloomer. And could possibly be talked into anything. After all, Sara was far more experienced, but had never been engaged.

He thought of her as a princess with her wavy locks and heart-shaped face, but even she told him she could be a sour puss, when she wanted to be. If he agreed with her in most things, then he wouldn't have to find out what she was talking about.

"I mean, I'll be here when we go to your grandmother's." She shrugged as if she could do this.

"But it won't be your bed. It will be my bed." He looked at her as if she might have trouble sleeping.

"Well, yeah." She bit her bottom lip.

"OK, maybe you should try it out, right now." He knew she wasn't going to like it. After all, he generally shut the door when she was over. It was a barren landscape with some clothes on the floor. Her room was full of pillows. Better than a motel room. He knew her.

"What?" She winced.

"We're not going to do anything." He still wanted to eat this pizza while it was hot. He got out the paper plates and the salad. The wine was already open.

"Just do it." He knew what she'd say next.

She opened the door.

"My God..its like a freezer in there!" She looked at him as if he was terribly weird.

"Well, I like it cold." He didn't want to go into it, how they never turned on the heat at his mother's house until it was the dead of winter. Sometimes, that might be late December.

She rubbed her arms as if this was like going to Siberia. He popped on the light switch.

This was his bedroom. A sleeping bag on top of a mattress.

Sara tilted her head then looked back at him.

"OK, we'll go to Wal-mart, after we eat and find some sheets and stuff," Taylor said, but that would mean laundry.

"You, should have been a mountain man," She told him later while they were eating pizza. That's when he told her, he was a Neanderthal. She laughed so hard she almost spewed wine on him.

"Well, I always wanted a cabin in the woods." He took a sip of the sour wine. Before he knew it, he was topping her wine off with some Sprite. He did the same to his.

Oh, it was hard being a grownup. God knows, what they might actually do, once they got in bed. Personally, he was the kind who liked to feel his way in the dark, but he got the impression she liked candles. A lot of candles. Sara had a lot of candles at her place.


Launna said...

Oh my... I hope they make the room more cozy... no one like a bedroom that is stark, empty and cold xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Yes to a cabin in the woods - I second that emotion!


Sara-h Jane said...

I hope they make it work!