Monday, November 23, 2015

its those little things that can be so big

it's quite simple

Sara was in a terrible mood when she got to her parents. Maybe it was thinking about all the stuff she had to do at work. Black Friday was not a piece of cake. Even if they said on the news, it wasn't as big as it used to be. Still, she'd be putting in a full day and extra hours. She was sure of it. Her limbs ached at the thought.

"What's the matter?" Her mom wanted to know.

"Nothing." Sara said ever so dull as she looked at the pumpkin her mother would make into a pumpkin pie.

"What's he like?" She instantly asked about Taylor. "You know, there anything special I can make for him, for Thanksgiving dinner."

"I dunno. He..he likes bread." She knew that was rather generic, but he kept loaves of it, and he liked putting buttered toast in his hot chocolate. It was kind of funny to watch. At first she'd made a face of disgust.

He was the kind of guy who could pour milk on his cereal at breakfast, put it in the fridge and come home to eat it at lunch. But her mother didn't need to know that.

"That's all you know, by now?" Her mother crossed her arms and asked her if she ever cooked for him.

"No." Sara looked up at her.

"Its because Hansen did all the cooking. That's it, isn't it?" She reminded her that her ex-boyfriend Hansen knew all her favorite dishes, and she never had to do anything.

"I washed the dishes." Sara scowled.

"You, should make something for him, for Thanksgiving." Her mother snapped.

"What? No." Sara looked at her mother as if she were crazy. "I'm not starting that now. I..I have so much to do this week. I'm just tired, thinking about it. I mean, we're going over to Ben's at noon...and then here. What could I do?" Now Sara crossed her arms, looking more perturbed at her mother.

"I dunno. Chocolate chip cookies. Brownies." Her mom shrugged.

"I burn cookies, I under-cook brownies." Sara's face tensed.

"Oh..I guess you two will do..other things." Her mother was being nosy.

"What is that suppose to mean!" Sara fired back. She gritted hard. How could her mom think such? Sara swelled a frown. 'Well, if everyone thinks we're doing it..we might as well be doing it' came to Sara's mind.

it's those little things that can be so big

"OH MY GOD? Really? You're sure?" Henry wanted to do a little happy dance in the kitchen. He was so excited. Henry couldn't see why he couldn't be happy about this. They were having a baby.

Josie smiled, yet a weak smile. Perhaps her subdued mood was over. She had been rather..well, he guessed he wanted to be happy for both of them. He hugged her once more and held her as if he wished he could stay in this state until the baby actually arrived, but that would be impossible.

"You know, I love you so much." He wished he knew what to say about the miscarriage from over the summer. They'd been happy then? Right? Oh, he couldn't dwell on it. They needed to think positive. Move forward.

"I just wanted to wait." She looked up at him. "In case..."

"Just, how far along, are you?" Henry asked with almost a wink.

"Not quite three months." She sighed.

"We can tell our parents at Thanksgiving? Shouldn't we?" He wanted to know what she wanted to do.

"OK." She sighed, but he wasn't sure if she was agreeing with him.

"Don't worry. We're going to do this. And don't even listen to your Mom, if she gives you a hard time. Besides, my mom will be in total shock, but she will be happy. I know they'll be happy." Henry was planning it in his head, already. Maybe he'd just slip it in, for a Thanksgiving toast.

Henry sighed. Hoping everything went well for Josie and the baby. Yet on the inside he was screaming with delight I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope that things go smoothly for Josie and Henry this time around.


Sara-h Jane said...

The holidays are so stressful on everyone :(

Launna said...

I came back at the right time... Josie is pregnant yay... I hope everything goes well for her and Henry... he is so happy xox