Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thinking about Thanksgiving

Its not like this

Taylor didn't want to face the fact, but he didn't like living alone.

The first night at Mae's place was restless. Everything smelled of sweet perfume. Even her bathroom. And he couldn't sleep, even if he were in his own bed and in his own sleeping bag.

It was so cramped here. Smaller than when he lived with Ben. Yet, it was Ben's stuff that was the staple of his old place. The TV. Furniture.

Mae left her retro couch that was the most uncomfortable thing he'd ever sat on. It made him sneeze too, but he couldn't throw it out. It was her Mom's.

Mae never talked about her mother, but he could see the couch was sentimental so he did everything, practically at the kitchen table. He had his laptop to keep him company and Netflix on his Android.

He looked around at the floral curtains in the livingroom. Even so, it was a bachelor pad now and so uninviting. Of course, it didn't stop his sister Essie from coming over.

"Why would you do this?" She just didn't get it, and he thought his sister looked so naked without a baby in her arms.

"Aren't you missing something?" Seriously, he didn't need her here. If anyone was going to come over, he wanted Sara, not his sister.

"Oh, Scott's looking after her." It was late afternoon, but usually, he turned in about eight because he had to be up at about three to start his rounds. She was really doing nothing for his schedule.

She looked at the weights by the kitchen door.

"It helps keep the door open." Also, he'd been known to lift the weight while the bacon was cooking.

"Is this all you eat?" She snarled when she found the iron skillet of bacon fat.

"Um, sometimes, I order out." He shrugged. He'd learn to eat healthy sooner or later. Although, he was one to practically pour a vat of Thousand Island dressing on a salad. "I eat protien bars." That had to count for something.

He winced thinking she was way to nosy.

"I'm fine."

She rolled her eyes at that, pointing out he didn't even have a dishwasher.

"So" He pulled back the door of the cupboard. All he had was a medium sized bowl for cereal or for a can of tomato soup. He used a lot of paper plates for his BLTs but usually the lettuce and tomatoes were missing.

"You really need to move Sara in here." She looked at him hard.

He shook his head, no.

"What? What happened?" She looked at him as if he'd really done it THIS TIME. "What did you do?" Her fists were on her hips now. She really did look like her mother now. Or maybe it was his Mom. After all, they were sisters.

"What?" He cracked up. "We're fine." He looked for a cold bottle of water for her in the fridge. That was all he had to offer.

"Fine? Is-is..anything going on?"

"What? Like sex?" His smile was open. "Oh god..we're just going out." He told her they were taking it slow. Very slow. It was hard to keep their schedules in sync, but they were sorting it out. "Besides, she really likes her apartment, and I just dunno..if..if she's got room for me."

And suddenly, he felt so sad. He knew Essie wanted him to get on with things, but if it all went so fast,  he and Sara might miss enjoying all the little things. "Are you going to Granny's for Thanksgiving?"

"I don't think so. I thought we'd spend it with Charlie and Barry. He seems to think he can cook a turkey. She's making pies, and I don't have to do a thing." Essie stood in his kitchen doorway. It was easy to see now. She really didn't want to sit and talk. No, she'd stopped by to check on him. "Are you going?"

"Uh, well, I've told Ben I'd spend it with them, but then Sara invited me over to her parents. I dunno. I know I ought to see everyone. My mom will be there. Your parents." He sighed. "I guess I'll do breakfast."

"Breakfast?" Essie looked at him as if she'd never heard of such a thing for Thanksgiving.

"Yeah, breakfast. I've missed Granny's biscuits. And she's got pickles, and preserves to give to me." Of course, he hated to go over empty handed. He might take some 2 liter drinks, just in case somebody was thirsty.

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