Friday, November 13, 2015

Whats so thankful about Thanksgiving?


Lottie had to admit, that being in the public library was a first for her. She did most of her research at the University, but Frankie's sister had called and wanted to meet her here.

Naturally, her first reaction when she got the call was to think HOW DID SHE GET MY NUMBER. Oh, yeah, she is Frankie's sister. But then again, he never mentioned her. Lottie couldn't think of him calling Vada for anything.

Perhaps, she was being a control freak, these last few weeks, but she really loved being Frankie's girlfriend. Although the word LOVE had never came up. And she felt a little naked, not having him with her, but Vada wanted to only see her.

"You made it." Vada finally showed up, looking nothing like a librarian. She was in jeans and nothing fancy. Still Lottie imagined Vada older. Like almost 30. Way older than Frankie. How could they possibly be twins?

Lottie only nodded. She followed Vada to the empty breakroom where she got Lottie a coffee, who hadn't even asked for it.

"Listen, I hope you understand..this." Vada pressed her lips tight as she handed the mug of coffee to Lottie and then took a seat. Lottie took her cue and set across from Vada who was cradling her cup of black coffee. "This will be Frankie's first Thanksgiving ..with me." She sighed. "He told me, you wanted to take him to meet your parents..but..but we'd decided long before now, about Thanksgiving."

Lottie only glared at her. thinking how could Vada be so mean? She'd see to it, Frankie was not to be shared with his sister.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

The claws are definitely coming out!


iatedraco said...

Oh, this is gonna be fun :) loved it!