Thursday, November 12, 2015

the uneasy rest

the roommate

Dustin had to face it. He had time for no one these days. It was so hard to even squeeze in a moment with Macy. Perhaps, his big regret for going to the Uni. But it he didn't study and get through his courses, then what?

"I was thinking of going home this weekend." He spoke up to Gilbert before he had a chance to make plans for the two of them back at their old dorm room.

"But why?" Was all his clever roommate had to say about the matter. There was football, the tele and of course darts down at their usual pub.

"Cause, I can't." He felt he'd neglected Macy far too long. He'd made promises he couldn't keep. "Cause, that has nothing to do with revisions and such." Dustin winced hard, wishing his new found friend would give him a break as Dustin was trying to get his overnight duffle ready to go, but Gil had  a way of sticking to him like glue. "There are other mates."

"But..but..they are..just mates." Gilbert looked at him hurt. "But you, my dear Dusty are my roomie.." His index finger pressed hard into Dustin's chest, so unexpectedly. As usual, Gilly could get a right close, and it flustered Dusty all the more.  Was there more going on than he imagined?

Dustin almost laughed at the thought, but finally decided to push him off. Before he knew it they were in a shoving match. Seriously, Gilly wouldn't give up. Dustin didn't want to hurt him, but he didn't want to be kissed by him, either.

the uneasy rest

"How did you get my number, anyway?" Carson scowled as if this really was unnecessary. A phone call in the middle of the night from Macy.

"Its about Charlie." Macy sounded as if it were a struggle to put the words together. "I've been thinking, you really aren't going to give up on her. Are you?"

"God, I- aren't even seeing my brother anymore!" He snapped. "I mean, you left him for some pretty British boy, didn't you? So..just what gives you the right to even.." He could barely think. Besides, he'd practically stumped his toe and walked into a wall just getting to his cell phone. How in the world did Charlie get up in the middle of the night to check on Lily? It was pitch black. Why did she want it so dark? He felt uneasy as he turned on the lamp, sitting there on the edge of the cold bed. Alone.

"Sorry, Its just..she's..she's like a sister, I never had. And she never had it easy, growing up. It was just her and her Dad, you know. I..I guess I.I thought you'd be different." Macy's voice was fading as if she might hang up.

"What do you mean?" She was talking nonsense. Maybe this was just a dream. No, his big toe was bleeding, only a little.

"He abandoned her, you know." Her words made his ears hurt. Carson didn't want to listen, yet he felt he needed too.

if you only knew

"I'm thinking the quicker we get this done. Then, well, it'll be something.... Charlie can check off her list." Barry sighed as he nursed his cup of coffee.

"And then what?" Scott wanted to know. They were sitting at Barry's kitchen table. Charlie was in the shower and Lily was getting ready for school.

"I'm not sure. She'll be here for a little while." Barry shrugged. He didn't want to get his hopes up. Just when he thought they might get together, it felt as if a shoe was untied again. One more thing had to get done. He really did want her to stay, but she seemed so set on being on her own.

"Maybe, maybe it'll work" Scott mentioned the arrangement. There was enough room for the three of them at Barry's house.

"Lily, really hates sleeping with her. I caught her sleeping out on the couch, early this morning." Barry nursed his bottom lip.

"Well, you know, how kids are." Scott scrunched frown then went back to his black coffee.

"Not really, Lily is the only kid I actually know, and of course, her friend, who's dad thinks I'm Lily's father." Barry was in thought about the whole Halloween night, which felt like 3 days in one. He took a deep breath.

"Do you think you'd ever sleep with Charlie?" Scott addressed the issue at hand.

"hahahaha.." Barry laughed softly. "You're so funny." However, he'd been thinking about this matter for a while now.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Barry has so much to deal with right now - I hope things work out in his favor.


ivy said...

It isn't easy making the right move sometimes.