Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Here we are again

Here we are again

There were a lot of things Charlie hadn't done yet. Like, go back to the apartment and pack up. She hadn't wanted to face Carson, just yet. There was talk of her moving in with Sara, but Charlie didn't want too. Of course, Barry said she could stay. The more she thought about moving, the more she stayed put.

What was it about Barry?

But here she was, meeting Clare down at Oliver's for a late lunch. They took the last specials of the day and the soup was broccoli cheese (Lily's favorite). Finally, she mentioned a to-go box for the soup.

"You're saving the soup for Lily?" Clare stared at her as if Charlie really needed to stop this non-sense.

"She loves this soup." Charlie shrugged.

"You need to eat." Clare told her. "Eat."

So Charlie spooned a full spoon of the creamy soup and ate. Clare told the waiter to put her soup  in a container for Charlie to take home.

"Look, I'm not here to upset you. It might be best, about you and Carson." She sighed as she took the BLT sandwich in both hands before she took a bite.

Charlie took spoonfuls of the hot soup. A part of her felt so defeated. It was hard to look at Carson's mother, who had been so generous.

"I could maybe..maybe pay you back, about the car." Charlie felt as if she would be in debt forever.

"I don't want to hear a word about the car. I wanted you to have it. Its yours. Just like the wedding dress is yours. You, do whatever you want to with it. And..and about the Berry Farm."

Charlie looked up at her, thinking how much Lily wanted the wedding to be at the Berry Farm.

"Well, they won't give us our money back, but you've got a year to reschedule. Who knows, you might want a party of some kind. Maybe a birthday party for Lily."

"That would be a pretty expensive birthday party." Charlie thought she might get sick. She was losing her appetite fast.

"Carson told me what he wanted me to know." Clare's smile was even as she took a sip of iced lemonade.

Charlie only nodded.

"Where are you staying?" Clare wanted to know.

"With a friend." Charlie could barely get the words out. She nursed her bottom lip. Maybe Barry was more than a friend. "But..but I..I plan on finding my own place." She felt as if she didn't deserve anymore handouts, and yet somehow these people who weren't actually family had done so much for her.

"Are, you really OK?" Clare winced.

Charlie nodded. Even when things were suppose to be looking up, Charlie still felt she was sinking.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish Charlie would be more positive about things!


ivy said...

Oh, happy!