Tuesday, November 10, 2015

down to this

Down to This

"Explain it again? What does this have to do with us?" Lizzie's plush lips were in a full round pout. Why did Rico even listen to Gage?

"You, need to talk to Gabby, you know, it..it might help." Rico seemed to think it might help him, from being grounded til Christmas. At this rate, they might never go all the way.

It made Lizzie all the more in a huff. She was sure Gabby evidently had a much better time with Will than she did with Rico.

Even so, her heart pounded that night. So many breathless kisses. It was like they were making their own movie. At least in her head, and that awful Gage shined a light on them as if they were tress-passing on their future.

"What am I suppose to say?" She plopped next to him, as if he might get the hint that she still wanted him. Yes, they fussed so much, and it took up a lot of time and energy. She didn't enjoy it, as much as he thought she did. They had to act like they couldn't stand each other at work. After all, dating co-workers was a BIG NO.

"Oh, I dunno. Just..see if..well, you know, if she could tell my step-mom or something..that it wasn't my fault. You know, her and Will?" Rico was rather closed mouth. As if even now, there were spies at school who might report back to the movie theater, seeing the two of them on the bench in the commons at the school.

"Oh..god..are you serious?" She looked at him, that she'd rather stick her pencil in his eye, than be seen here with him, but she did like the way he leaned against her. For a second, she thought of him with his head in her lap and her fingers in his soft dark curls. Lizzie let out a breath.

"Its just, I'm not very good..making friends." She didn't like putting in the effort. When had a friend ever done anything for her? "And..and you're making this so complicated." She hoped he was worth it.


Jade Wright said...

I think this sounds like the start of a very special friendship - very intriguing!!
Are you doing the NanoWrimo!? xx


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think he's good for her - bringing her out of her shell a bit.