Monday, November 9, 2015

Just between us

Its quite different now

"Are you sure, you're all right?" Macy didn't know what to think, when she called Charlie. Never would she think Charlie would move out. She was staying with this guy named Barry.

"Well, I'm sleeping with Lily now. She's quite a kicker, in her sleep." Charlie explained they were in the guestroom. It was only temporary.

"But weren't you, getting married this month?" Macy wrote it down on her calendar. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving.

"I highly doubt it." She and Carson weren't on speaking terms at the moment. "Its best if we..just leave each other..alone."

Macy pressed her lips tight, thinking her own life wasn't quite as exciting, and yet she did feel Dustin was getting farther from her. He was at the University. Always busy.

She had a job now at a little bakery. It was ran by two brothers, Ste and Maxie. They were always butting heads about how to run the place. Actually, she was just a cashier. The shop was open from 6 in the morning until 1, in the afternoon.

Of course, there were her studies and tests she took once a week at the local library to keep in check with her high school education.

Life was quite different now. She felt alone, even at Archie and Molly's. She did her best not to be a bother. But it was true, she was foreigner here. Although, she still didn't want to come home.  It might break her heart, all over again..if she saw Gage with Halie and the baby.

Just between us

Clare wasn't sure what to think, after she got off the phone with Carson.

"Evidently, there isn't going to be a wedding." She crossed her arms, thinking she'd gotten that acrylic manicure for nothing.

Will gave her a look from the kitchen table. "What?" He said between mouthfuls of Captain Krunch.

"I doubted you knew there was a wedding to begin with." She'd been looking forward to it. She'd never helped plan a wedding before. Even if it were a small affair. She guessed Charlie did have her reasons for not wanting to have something huge. Honestly, she felt a little sad for her.

Will only shrugged.

"So how's Gabby?" She'd never said anything about his hickey predicament. She was certain now that maybe there was a lot to learn about Gabby. They might not ever know what she'd been through with her own family or the Foster families, she'd lived with.

"I haven't seen much of her." Will was straight lipped. His usual cold and distant self.

"Did you two break up?" Clare was beginning to think she was the last to know about everything. Will shook his head, no.

Clare turned back to her cell and text Charlie. "Lets do lunch."

Clare doubted she'd hear anything back, but the cell dinged. Charlie texted, "OK"

From my Nanowritemo novel (the beginning)

Gun knew exactly who he was. Of course, Xander was the last person on earth Gun would ever think he’d come across. And yet a weird happiness took over him. It was true, his old friend PonyBoy was like Home.

Gun kept staring over the kitchen counter where he worked. Meanwhile the meat patty that was sizzling on the grill started to burn.

Finally, realization kicked in. He was a cook in his cousin’s diner and this was America. Did he want his close friend to see him this way?

Gun quickly recovered the patty. All was not lost. He displayed the meal to perfection and made room for the hot fries.

“Order up.” He managed in his best English and went on to the next short order.

Maybe he was just seeing things. No way would his old friend, he grew up in this little midwestern town.

That was it. He was homesick. Sick of staying in his cousin’s basement. Gun was only day dreaming of home. Thinking of those times, when he was out with Xander a.k.a Ponyboy.

He didn’t know why the name had stuck. His little cousin gave him that name. Xander didn’t even wear his hair in a ponytail anymore. Maybe a manbun when he was serious about work.

Of course, Xander Sanchez was an unusual name. He wasn’t actually Korean, and yet he was.

He’d never really lived in America. To say the least, his history was a bit shady. But of course, it wasn’t his fault. Gun couldn’t say his real mother actually raised him. Yet the woman who did was a mother of all mothers. She could raise hell with the best of them. Especially, when it came to Xander.

How in the world did she ever let him go?

Gun nodded, thinking..that was just a dream. Seeing PonyBoy, here at the diner.

Gun flipped the patty and put on another. Timing was everything. He slid out his old cell phone from his back pocket and direct dialed his friend. He’d see where his friend might be.

just between us

When Xander's phone went off, it felt like an alarm of some kind. How easily, he’d forgotten he even owned a phone. No one ever called him. Not these days. Not on this phone.

And now, it was like he’d awaken. Not even sure where he was. Oh, how he hated these moments. He thought he’d put an end to them. But evidently, not.

“Hello.” He said as if it was the correct thing to do. Sometimes, he was confused. He needed to think on his toes. Snap out of it! Someone in his deep conscious would say. Did he want anyone to think he was crazy?

“What are you doing here?” was the next question.

“What?” He was practically blanking out. Yet, Xander kept calm like he always did. Wasn’t he the guy, everyone said..was a man of few words.

“The diner.” It was as if the voice on the phone would guide him. “What are you doing here..where I work?”

“Oh.” Although, he wanted to frantically yell into the phone WHO IS THIS? But instead, Xander looked up and saw who was in kitchen behind the counter.


Xander smiled. Honestly, it was a nice surprise. They’d found each other. After all.


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I hope people understand Charlie knows what is best for her when it comes to Carson..

I wanted to drop over this morning to tell you I won't be writing or reading blogs. I know once I get things together I will be back to read and hopefully to write as well...

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Yay for coincidences!