Sunday, November 8, 2015

on our own

it had to be

Tessa didn't know what to think. Still. But it was always an adventure with Garvin.

Yes, they'd had lunch on her first day at the library. Then it started being a Friday thing. Later, he took her to the last Farmer's Market. And he was a big help at the Library Halloween Party, too.

Well, she finally decided to show him the old house she bought. Of course, her brother Preston thought it was a horrible idea. He was certain it was a money pit. So she hadn't asked him back. She'd even unfriended him on FACEBOOK. That was when she thought she could go it alone. And maybe she could, but first, she asked Garvin if he thought she needed a new bathroom floor. It was squishy.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so." Garvin pondered over it.

"Have you ever done one?" She asked.

He shook his head, no. "But I'll ask my brother Ruben. He and his husband have done a few projects. I dunno about.. about..a bathroom, though."

So it wasn't long, she met his brother and his family. Ruben knew somebody from the University who did projects like this. And after that project was completed,  they began painting rooms and restoring the steps on the stairway.

She guessed that's when Garvin got the idea for a Headboard Bench.

Actually, it was from her first bed when she was a little girl. It was pink then, but she painted it white.

"We can put some shelves underneath, and it'll fit perfectly in your foyer." Garvin smiled.

"I love the idea of that." In fact, she loved lots of his ideas.  And that's when they started little roadtrips that took a good portion of the weekends, in search of random items to remake into furniture.

can't you see

Garvin didn't let going broke, stop him from seeing Tessa. Actually, he didn't have time to think about how bad his income actually was. Of course, they were using her gas on most of the trips they went on. And when he did eat, it was either at Oliver's or at her place for dinner.

And he felt like telling her everything. How he was. How he wasn't very good at reading people.

"Just when I think its perfect, never really was." He talked about Maggie. "I don't know what's the matter with me?"

He even got the nerve up to tell her how he fell in love at first sight with someone who turned out to be a young man.

"I'm just selfish, I guess." But then was he really taking care of himself, anymore? Perhaps, he was more depressed than he knew. The final notices were coming in about his electric bill. "I might have to go to Alaska, you know."

"Alaska?" She looked at him as if he might as well be going to Mars. They were off on one of their hunts, again. In search of the next big furniture piece.

"Well, it would be a three week job. For a book. Someone needs a photographer. Something about how this whole village of Eskimos, are relocating." He sighed. He knew he should take it, but it was so comfortable being with Tessa. Although, it was definitely not a relationship. Just a good friendship. It was best not to mess it up.

"That sounds so exciting." The last thing he wanted to hear. Why couldn't she tell him what he needed to know.

But they found the indoor estate sale. And the investigating began. The bargaining too. Finally, they loaded up some odds and ends that had such potential.

"Well, maybe when you get back, you could think of..having a business. Your own furniture business." She smiled ever so endearing.

"Huh." He smiled as if he was so glad she'd thought of it. "Maybe I don't have to go to Alaska, after all."


Launna said...

I'm glad she came up with an idea that gives him hope ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Garvin could rely on himself to find hope. :/