Saturday, November 7, 2015

Its never too late

its never too late

The lunch crowd already past. It was way after 2. Sometimes, Roman wondered why they didn't shut the doors at two o'clock sharp, instead of lingering til four. But it was three when she got there and all she asked for was coffee.

He served it to her. Told her to find a place to sit. He'd make some fresh coffee. He was certain he could use a cup too as November was more frost and flurries. Still, there was enough fall to enjoy.

He kept looking back at the Asian girl, as if he should know her. He couldn't place her. Probably, high school. Of course, there were a lot of people he said he knew then, but actually didn't. After all, he was new then. Possibly, he still felt new about a lot things.

Like getting by on a small paycheck, but he felt he was more in a co-op, at the boarding house. He brought left overs from the shop and there was plenty to eat. Most of his clothes were from the thrift shop around the corner.

A smile emerged. She worked at the Old Towne Theater Thrift shop.

"Suzanne? Right?" She didn't have her name tag, but she only nodded, as she went back to studying her notebook. It was about the productions coming up. She was figuring out cost. He guessed.

Her smile was pleasant, but she was so shy. Suzanne nodded, remaining closed lipped. He set down the coffee and brought over a scone. He told her she might need some brain food. It was on the house.

A little smile gave way, but she said nothing. Yet, Roman felt the need to want to hear her voice.

He sat down across from her. Immediately, she looked at him as if she might up and run.

"I didn't know you did all that, for the Old Towne Theater." He cracked a smile. "I hope they pay you well."

She let a little smile slip, but she went back to the figures to calculate. Finally when she was done, she took a sip of coffee and told him it was very good. But she went back to her notebook and nursed her bottom lip, ever so seriously.

"I'm afraid, we won't make enough by the year's end. And the theater will close." She looked rather sad about it. "Maybe..maybe you would come and fix it."

"Fix it?' He winced, but smiled... as if he really thought she must be joking.

"You went to regional, right?" Her English was clear, and he hadn't heard anyone say the word "Regional" in ages.

"Well..that was high school." He looked at her, and she only smiled as if she remembered too.

"Its much easier. You know, local theater. All you have to do, is show up."

"Show up?" A tickle of some kind got caught in his throat and he couldn't help but laugh.

"Will you?" Her eyes were so bright. The way she looked at him made him smile more. Like she was secretly his number one fan. There was no way he could tell her NO.


Jade Wright said...

Your dialogue is fantastic - not overdone, pretty perfect if you ask me.
Another great piece - I enjoy your writing a lot! Need to go back though and read the rest! hehe

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Awww...this is so cute!


Launna said...

I like how he is smitten with her... too cute xox