Tuesday, December 8, 2015

all in the family

What do I know?

"I could come over, and get you." Camille hated the fact that Henry could not drive. It was easy to find fault in him now, even if he were the father of Josie's baby.

"No, its OK." Josie first said. "I'll just stay home."

"Why?" Even Camille noticed the mournful cry in Josie's voice. She didn't see Josie enough. Yes, the house had kept them quite busy. And maybe she didn't want Josie to know. Now she felt she was the one who was starting all the jealousy between Derrick and Josie. It was hard to keep the peace.

She winced, wondering if she was the cause of all this grief. Maybe there was none at all? It was hard to decide.

"Are you OK?"

"Of course, I'm OK." Josie snapped. "I'm doing everything I'm suppose to be doing." She sounded certain that Camille would lecture her.

"We need to do some things together..for the holidays." Wasn't going to Derrick and Rossie's the start of doing something for the holidays?

"I know. We will." But the promise sounded a little like a downer, already. Camille sighed.

"Are you mad at me?" Camille knew she shouldn't have asked, but it was an automatic response.

"No. I'm not." Josie didn't sound positive.

"Hey, you need to be happy. You, want a happy baby, don't you?"

Josie hung up on her.

making new memories

"I dunno what I'm doing..that's so wrong?" Josie went straight to the couch and rested her head on Henry's lap. The fire in the fireplace on Netflix was going. She watched hoping she'd would get sleepy.

"You, shouldn't let her bother you." His fingers, pulled back her hair away from her face.

"I know." But sometimes, her emotions ran so high. Maybe that was why she hadn't even mentioned having the baby yet, to Halie.

"I told Asa about the baby." Henry said, ever so carefully.

"Oh." She winced, "What did he say?"

"He said he was very happy for us." Henry told her.

She sighed heavily. She closed her eyes, wishing she remembered what her son looked like. But she didn't think of him that way..not until now. He was Asa's son. Why did she make this so complicated for herself?

She sat right up, feeling slightly dizzy.

Henry mentioned hot chocolate. Suddenly, she felt awful... so she rushed to the bathroom. Sure, she was going to belch, but she didn't.


Launna said...

Oh my goodness... I hope Josie is okay... I wish people would stop pressuring her... I hope the baby is alright ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

My heart is breaking for Josie right now. :(