Monday, December 7, 2015

ice breaker

This Christmas

"Maybe we..should have just had Thanksgiving at our house," Derrick said while getting the artificial Christmas tree out. Just one more hand-me-down from Camille.

He felt as if they'd taken Josie and Henry's surprise news from them. After all, Derrick's family were the ones who got the house that Camille and Duncan had invested time and money in. Maybe the place should have been for Henry and Josie.

"Stop thinking so much and get that tree together." Rossie scrunched a frown.

"OK." He'd promised his niece Rosie that she could help. They were starting the Christmas cookie bake off. They'd invited Josie and Henry, but they hadn't heard back. As it was freezing rain was starting. He doubt they'd be out in this.

Still, he couldn't help to call.

"Hey, if you guys don't want to come, I understand." He said before Josie could barely get in a hello.

"But we haven't seen your new house." Josie reminded him.

"What's so new about it?" He laughed. Well, there were new windows to keep the heat in, and the floors had a new finish. It was quaint, cute and compact. But still, it was home. and he was proud of it. Except, he didn't really want Josie to know.

She'd been watching the road conditions. She felt sure it would be OK.

"Maybe so, but you know how that ice is. You could slip and fall." He thought she should stay put. Plus, he'd hate to know if she was really mad at him. Maybe she thought Camille and Duncan were doing more for his family than for her and Henry.

Ice breaker

Rossie headed for the kitchen. She heard giggling. Jen and Carly were making sugar cookie dough. Rossie knew she couldn't supervise those two. They were practically covered in flour.

"I told you two, you have to clean up." She gave them the eye, as she went to check on Asha in the play pen. Asha was starting to show signs of wanting to crawl, or maybe to climb. Her little legs were strong. Clearly, Rossie could see a dancer in her, already.

"We know."
"We will." Jen and Carly watched her with the baby.

"So how was your Thanksgiving?" Rossie asked Carly.

"You know, I was with Jen." Carly pursed her lips.

"My oldest brother is engaged." Jen smiled. "I think they want to get married soon."

"Cool." Rossie sighed, wondering if they knew what they were truly getting into. Still, Derrick was her biggest baby to tend too. "Did you hear anything from your mom, Carly?" She knew it was a sore subject to ask about. Instantly, Carly's smile dropped into a frown. She shook her head, no and went back to the sugar dough. Rossie thought it was about time to call the police in, on Carly's missing mother.


Launna said...

I agree they should call the police about Carly's missing mom...

Also Derrick should just let Josie and Henry come over and not worry... I do hope they don't fall though

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm worried about Carly - and her mom. :/