Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in the heartland

Merry Christmas!

Tessa spent most of Thanksgiving on her laptop with Garvin, while he was in Alaska. Still, she didn't mind going solo for the holiday. It was fun chatting with him.

Her brother thought she was depressed, again. He came for Christmas without Jude.

"Why wouldn't he come?" Tess wanted to know as if it were trouble in paradise, for those two.

"He just hates the holidays." He simplified it.

"Well, if you say so." Tessa did wonder if she had put a damper on the holiday for Preston and Jude.

At least, Garvin was home. With her. Actually, she'd sprung the question on him as soon as she found him at the airport.

"Just don't tell Preston, I want to marry you." She informed him on the drive to her house.

"Why? The secret?" Garvin wanted to know at the time.

"Because, he'll just try to talk us out of it." She told him she guessed that was the lawyer in Preston. "Maybe that's why he hasn't tied the knot with Jude." Tess didn't dwell on. She smiled as if her real Christmas began when Garvin got home. "Besides, you do need insurance, and I can do that...if we're married."

Have yourself a little Christmas....

Garvin was still thinking about Tessa's proposal. Naturally, she was a practical girl. Actually, Garvin loved that about her, since he wasn't so sure how practical he really was. Yet, the fact remained, he'd wanted to pop the question to her. Perhaps on Valentines day or one of those spring or summer holidays. He'd hate to ask his brother if it was too soon, because he knew what Ruben's answer would be.

Garvin said yes. There was nothing to think over. He'd been thinking about Tess for weeks on end while he was the photo gig in Alasaka. He was so happy to be home. Of course, it didn't feel like home unless she was a part of it.

So here he was making himself at home, and her brother Preston was here.

She'd made a crock pot dinner of roast with all the trimming. Garvin couldn't help to stuff himself.

Preston brought a white cake with coconut.

"She's nuts for coconut." Preston let Garvin in on a little secret.

Garvin only smiled. He was glad they could get along. But Garvin did wonder about this infamous Jude. He'd never met him. Tessa never said much of him. And Garvin wouldn't ask now. Besides, it was a lovely little Christmas. Really, all that remained was picking out the right engagement ring. That was something he and Tessa could do together.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Yay! I'm so excited for them to go engagement ring shopping!


Launna said...

How sweet that she proposed... I hope she lets him help pick out the ring xox ♡