Monday, December 28, 2015

the welcome wagon

You know..

Sara should have known it was too much, already..even if the holidays got off to an amazing start. They'd spent the weekend before with Taylor's Dad and the two new women in his life. It had been fun going to the ice skate rink with them. It was cold, but full of memories of hot chocolate and laughter.

They'd had an early Christmas dinner with her folks. They hadn't told them that Sara's big plan during the holidays was to move in with Taylor. But who knew how much of a fuss it would be over a bed?

It just wouldn't be home without her bedroom. Ben had helped them over four days to move in with Taylor.

There were of course, a few arguments. Maybe Taylor should have moved there.

"You, would hate me, if you did." She'd sighed. "You know, how close you have to be to Ben." It was true, she was full of compromises. Unfortunately, they were packed to the gills. Taylor decided they better put in for a two bedroom.

"Just hold on." She'd put her arms around him. "We need to save up for a house."

"A house?" He looked at her as if he'd never thought of such of a thing.

"Yeah, I'll ask Mom and Dad if they can take the bed and some stuff, we could do with out." She didn't want to quite give up all her stuff, yet.


In the next few days, they'd decided they wanted to get married.

"Well, who asked who first?" Mae acted as if she wanted to know the key to their secret, about this matter.

"I dunno." Sara shrugged while she was helping Mae clean up, after the worst Sweater Party ever. " was me. But I just want to make a home with him. Is it so awful to think such?" She'd wrinkled her brow then.

Of course, Mae was venting about how she'd never ever have a party so close to Christmas, again. What had she been thinking? It was as if she'd caught the worst case of flu ever. And now she looked at Sara full of envy.

"You, don't have to be so mean to Ben, you know." Sara just smiled. "I can tell you really are attracted to him."

"I am not." She protested. Except, she was sleeping with him these days. "He's like this big warm teddy bear." She was almost in tears, as if she didn't want to admit to any comfort in him.

"You, are not alone. Keep acting like you are..and see if it gets you anything." Sara told her. "You know, he loves you. And I have a feeling... you love him too. So what's the problem?"

Mae only fumed.

"You have to let yourself be happy." Sara sighed. There was the future to think about with Taylor. And yes, she wanted Mae to be happy. Couldn't she see she already was?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Happiness is key in matters of the heart. :)


Launna said...

It's funny how people see others and think they know how they shoul feel... no one truly knows what's underneath..