Sunday, December 6, 2015

Here and now

not quite old friends

When Henry first saw Fish, he wasn't sure it was him. He was so frail, and he had a cane. Henry forgot about him coming home for the holidays.

Naturally, he went out and gave his ex-coworker a hug. Except, he didn't do the same for his ex-boyfriend Shan. Still he was happy, they made it to the library.

"We should hang out." He mentioned his apartment.

"We have to go back tonight." Shan checked the time.

"Will you be here for Christmas?" Henry wanted to know.

"I don't think I want to travel anymore this year." Fish grinned, but he looked tired. And suddenly, it donned on Henry that Fish's cerebral palsy was taking a toll on him. Fish went on to see some others from the library he knew.

"What happened?" Henry tried not to look stressed about Fish's condition, but he couldn't  help but wince.

"It started with a fall. His bones aren't as strong as they used to be." Shan was rather straight lipped. At least, he was back in college. "I'm going into to nursing."

"But you never liked hospitals." Henry remembered.

"I've been in plenty of them now, with Fish." Shan sighed. "But he is still working. And maybe they'll figure out his meds.." Shan was almost hopeful.

"Oh." Henry sighed, but wasn't sure if he should say anything more.

"What?" Shan looked at him, as if he hated surprises.

"Guess who's having a baby?" He smiled.

"I don't think I know anybody, that would happen too." Shan hugged himself.

"Josie." Henry smiled, "And..and me."

"Wow." Of course, his wow wasn't all that expressive.

For a moment, Henry wished he hadn't told Shan, but still Henry did want Shan to hear the news from him.


Launna said...

I want people to be happy for Josie and Henry xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Josie and Henry could could find someone to share their joy. I'm sorry to hear about Fish's condition though.