Monday, January 25, 2016

and so it goes

and so it goes

"ME!" Was she squealing in the library? It was hard for Vada to keep her voice down when she knew she should be putting books away.

"Yes. You." Roman was dead serious.

"But..but its not even a school play." She shook her head, no. Weren't there stipulations for that kind of thing? It was just local theater.

Roman sighed. "I so need you, for Eliza Doolittle." He told her he couldn't think of anyone better. "You're perfect." There was no time for auditions.

"Really?" She didn't know about that. Weren't there people fighting for this part? She looked at the book, she'd given him to put on the top shelf. "Is there singing?"

"No." He was ever so serious. "Not this time. We..we got a late start on this. It kind of..just fell into my lap. I dunno what I'm actually doing..its just..I need people I can count on..and I can count on you..and well, I..I can't think of anyone better for the part."

She nodded.

"I..I was me..who ruin your chances, you know, when you went out for that play, that time, back in high school. I dunno, if..if this is a way..I can make it up..because..seriously, you'd be helping me out..a lot." Oh, his eyes were so woeful, but she didn't think he was trying to steal her away from Alo.

"What about the other parts?" She smiled. "Are you going to do all the male leads?" She thought that might be funny and enlightening, at the same time.

"Well, I'm trying to talk Oliver into one of the roles, and I have someone else in mind, too." He nodded, assuring her, he wasn't going to do any acting, only directing.

Vada beamed. She couldn't wait to tell Alo about this.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

So excited to see Vada back in the mix!


Launna said...

I'm happy to read about Vada again... I know all couples have to have some challenges bug I'm hoping she and Alo stick together ...