Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Connor was suspicious of a lot things lately, other than being under the weather. Thanks to Bree. After all, she was done with mono, but he wasn't.

It had taken a toll on him. It didn't look promising on the wrestling team, which he was fine with. Still, he felt like an old man of sorts and well, he didn't have that great of a Christmas.

Yeah, his folks were still hoping against hope, there would be a miss-trial and his brother would be home for Christmas, but it didn't happen. It looked like his brother might be spending most of his twenties in prison, after all.

But this wasn't what was bringing Connor down.

It was finding out that Bree hadn't spent her New Year's alone.

Oddly, he'd gotten some help from her neighbor Rosco. Funny, how one illness could bring new friendships. Not a one of his friends at school had stuck with him, like Rosco.

Rosco texted him right away about the New Year's eve info. Naturally, Connor had to see for himself.

But, he had no idea who Bree was with.

It was all so bitter. He did try to hang on to the idea that Bree was on the up and up with him. Yet, he had to wonder if those rumors at school were actually true. Maybe his girlfriend Bree was a liar and a cheater, after all.

Unbelievable 2

"Rosco? You're listening to Rosco, now?" Clive shook his head. He told Connor no good could come of it. "He's a psycho, you know."

Clive still hung out at the fast food place, where he used to work. Of course, he'd moved in to working in electronics at the nearby ShopKo.

"I wouldn't believe a word he said, if I were you." He told Connor, when he overheard him telling his ex Jade all about his ordeal with Bree at the counter. As it was, Connor could barely nurse a chocolate shake.

Clive looked at them both, trying to size up the situation.  This Jade was a gossip. This he knew for a fact. He never really did like her much, even if she was now his cousin's girlfriend.

"And how's that going, anyway?" He asked Jade about his nerdy cousin. She was a heartbreaker.

She didn't say a word about her boyfriend.

He looked at Connor, then gave him a pat on the back.

"I know, your down right now, but don't give up on Bree. You'll just have to wait it out." He couldn't exactly wait it completely out on Syreeta, but they were a couple, again. And better than ever.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gossip doesn't help anyone. Jade is one to keep an eye on.


Launna said...

Connor needs to ask himself instead of assuming everyone is telling him the truth...