Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lets not jump to conclusions

don't jump to conclusions

"I don't even know who this JoJo is?" Bree always knew when in doubt about her own life was to bring up someone else.

She acted like she was home a lot. In fact, she was good at sneaking out. Ming worked long hours. Rowdy was away with the mysterious doctor.

Oh, maybe if she brought this up to Ming, she might make her jealous. Deep down, like a soap opera, Bree had always wanted Ming and Rowdy to get together.

"She likes to golf." Ming said while cutting potatoes up for the stew.

"Who plays golf in this kind of weather?" Bree didn't get it.

"Well, he said he always wanted to learn." She was so oblivious.

"It doesn't bother you, seeing those two. Together?" Bree wasn't thinking about Connor, nor what he might hear. He was sick.

"We're friends, why should it?" Ming looked up at Bree as if she had to be lying. It had to bother her, didn't it?

Of course, Bree would not mention how she spent her New Year's Eve.  Best to let it fade away like some sort of dream.

She probably would never ever see Randy, again. But there was a knock at the back door.

"Who could that be?" Suddenly, Ming looked worried.

"Maybe a puppy got lost, or something." Bree kept a level head. After all, there was that one time, when that did happen. "I'll get it." But not this time. Ming got there first.

Randy, without a parka. Just shivering with a skimpy Levi jacket over what few clothes he owned.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm interested to see where this leads...


Launna said...

Just when she thought she wouldn't see Randy ...