Sunday, January 3, 2016

enough said

enough said

Josie never thought she'd get her hand back. Her mother kept studying the ring on Josie's finger.

She knew exactly what her mother was thinking. The engagement ring had to be cheap. It had to be.

Finally, Josie wrangled her hand back. Trying not to be in a huff, but she couldn't help it.

Henry had been under the weather. His migraine wasn't much better. She'd taken him to the emergency room on Christmas eve. He was just so restless, and before they took him in for a cat-scan, he'd given her the ring as if he might go in a coma or something.

He was a little over the top, she thought now, because, he was OK. Nothing bad had actually happened. Still, a twinge of a headache. He just knew he was going to have a seizure, but it hadn't happened yet.

So the holidays had been put on hold, and they were having a late holiday dinner of her Mom's famous lasagna (Duncan's favorite). Of course, her mom spent Christmas with Derrick and his family.

Josie got to hear all about it. And Carrie's first trip to see Santa where she actually set on his lap. And Carrie going to the Christmas parade and more Carrie Christmas stuff.

As long as they talked about her baby sister Carrie, everything was fine.

But it didn't help when her mother would drag Henry down. How dare he ruin the holidays?

Of course, Henry was Mr. Oblivious, playing with Carrie and talking to Duncan about God knows what.

Josie, swallowed her anguish and wished Henry would hurry up and save her from her mother's questions. Just where had Henry gotten that ring? Her mother bet it wasn't by any of the local jewelers. Everybody got their jewelry online, these days.


Launna said...

I wish Josie could care less what her mother thinks about the ring...Henry loves her...xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sometimes I wish Josie would pay less mind to her mother.