Saturday, January 2, 2016

A new beginning

a new beginning

Xander wasn't sure he could survive another holiday. As it was Christmas panned out so-so.

Simon wasn't nearly the poor little rich boy that Xander expected him to be. He was fairly easy going. Just a senior in high school who was still a tad nervous with his first girlfriend.

At least, Xander thought the two were sweet to watch. Everything new and bright, which made the holiday more enlightening.

"Is Joey your new boyfriend?" Nessa asked in the kitchen while everyone else was in the livingroom around the Christmas tree, minus Xander's father. They were taking out the old (un-decorating the Christmas tree) and bringing in a new year.

Xander thought he might have a small panic attack when she asked him about Joey. He almost dropped the cheese ball.

"God..NO." He was straight lipped about it, but he thought he might pass out about her assumption. He thought he'd made it clear, before. Even with Gun. He guessed he did. He had never really meant to bring up anything, too personal.

"Well, this..this know,, do you think, you two, will get back together?" She just smiled.

Xander choked on a laugh, but he could see now that she knew. She'd known all along.

"I don't think we..can friends now." Xander sighed as he looked down at the simple ring, Joey had given him. "Joey..He..was just being silly." Xander now said about his gift from Joey on Christmas day. "We're just friends."

But he'd been friends with Gun, once.

"Give the new year a chance." Nessa smiled as she handed him the 7-layer dip to set out. "Maybe, he wants to be more than a friend."

Xander blew a breath. He was certain Nessa was wrong.


Launna said...

Xander isn't fooling anyone, least of all himself...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Xander is so cynical - he needs to open himself up to magical possibilities.