Friday, January 1, 2016

Its a new year!

the possibilities

Roman had made a new friend. After all, Gun might have been a loner as much as Roman, even if he wouldn't dare call himself one.

Of course, there was that strange moment at Dollar General where he worked evenings, as of late. There was this girl who said out of the blue, at the counter. "Oh, I've always wanted to meet a Roman. Are you sure that's your real name?"

She was Asian too, but nothing at all like sweet ingenue Suzanne. It caught him off guard, immediately.

He thought she was flirting with him. And yes, it did make his heart beat a little faster, but not like with Suzanne.

Of course, he hadn't budged. Didn't even crack a smile. Maybe she was drunk or something.

As it was, it made him want to go down to the old theater, even more. Yet, he didn't want to look too eager, so he dragged Gun along, who had nothing better to do, on New Year's day.

When he got there..there was that girl, he'd met at Dollar General. Of course, Roman looked at her as if he was the stalked buck in the headlights.

Darn, if that guy, Suzanne was seeing, was there too. But of course, he wasn't doing any work.

At least, Gun perked up and said something to the girl in Korean.

Roman really did feel like the outsider. But he went on to help break down the set of the Nutcracker.  Before he knew it, he noticed only he and Suzanne were the only two doing any work.

"So did you have a good Christmas?" She wanted to know.

"Yeah." He didn't want to seem down about it. He really hadn't thought much or it. Of course, he'd bailed on Christmas dinner with his parents and stayed in bed watching Netflix most of the day. "How about you?"

"Oh, it felt like work." She only smiled. "But I like it that way."

Of course, they were interrupted by that girl, again. Finally, Gun came to help move panels and props.

"So? Who? Who? Is that girl?" As soon as Roman asked, he hoped Suzanne wasn't thinking he was interested in her.

"Cara." She only said as she helped him move something. "Daniel's sister."

Roman was still lost about who was Daniel. Then he looked up and saw him, take the side she was holding. Daniel kissed her on the cheek. Suzanne froze, as she stared at Roman.

It was as if she wanted him to get her out of this situation, but Roman wasn't sure what he could do about it.

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