Thursday, January 21, 2016

its going down

it's going down

Roman wasn't sure what to expect when he met Suzanne's grandmother.

For starters, she wasn't Asian. Far from it. He wouldn't call her the old rich. Chances were, she'd lived her life according to Warren Buffet, and was probably a working millionaire.

Probably, her biggest down fall was loving the arts.

"Well, I like them too." He smiled at their spur of the moment meeting at Oliver's, on a late bitter cold afternoon. There was plenty of coffee, chicken salad sandwiches and short bread.

"So I hear." She smiled as if Suzanne had given her an update. "And I hear you would like to direct a play."

"What?" Was she serious? He shook his head, as if that would be absurd. "I'm only an actor."

"You, could do that too." She sounded as if the opportunity was there.

He caught Suzanne smiling, from the corner of his eye.

He thought he might be sinking in quick sand. It sounded as if it were a done deal, already, and she was expecting results on Valentines day.

"Did you have this planned, all along?" Roman wanted to know, after her grandmother left. Roman could't help to be a little overwhelmed. Perhaps an instant headache. This was the last thing he wanted to ask Suzanne.

"Are you mad?" She looked as adorable as ever.

He shook his head. " just..what am I suppose to do, exactly?" He crossed his arms, thinking..he didn't want to work for her grandmother.

"Put on a play. If...if it works out, you ..might be on the payroll." She pressed a smile.

"Payroll?" He winced, wondering just what sort of salary could he get from a tiny little theater in a place not known for any sort of night life, what so ever.

"We need you." She told him.

Roman wanted to sink into the palms of his hands with worry. This was not what he wanted, at all with Suzanne. Had he got her all wrong?

"And..and what about you? You're gonna marry that guy and move off somewhere, and leave all the rest to me, with the Old Towne Theater?" He couldn't help but wonder.

"Marry?" Her eyes lit and she laughed. He'd never heard her laugh before. "Daniel?" She shook her head, no. "Oh, he's asked..but why would I want to be with someone who keeps telling me I do everything wrong. I probably can't even make tea correct. I wasn't raised in his culture."

"Then..then what are you doing with him?" Roman winced.

"He thinks he can save me." She shrugged. "But he hasn't yet."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I wish she would just leave him once and for all.


Launna said...

She should definitely leave him ...