Wednesday, January 20, 2016

what are the odds

what are the odds

Why were things so messed up?

Joey wished he didn't need Xander's help, but just like he expected. ..someone ransacked his apartment.

But he was with Xander. And he didn't want to show he was really scared.

All the while, he wanted to change his look. Maybe dye his hair. Something.

Usually, he'd break down, when Xander wasn't there. Should he go back to Minnesota? What the hell was going on with Becca?

Of course, he wouldn't call her. He didn't want her worried, or maybe it was the fact he'd worry more, if he did contact her.

And then the whole sleeping arrangement was a bit crazy with Xander.  But Joey didn't want to sleep alone. Actually, he couldn't rest, until he felt completely safe. Then he slept for days on end.

But the questions came about. Did anybody know who lived in that apartment that got ransacked?

Things like that didn't happen in their apartment complex. After all, even retired people lived here. It was a quaint setting, in the woods.

But if it wasn't for the worry of the unknown, it was the frightful weather. Joey even abandoned his truck on some farm market road.

"What are you trying to do?" Xander thought it was peculiar when  he drove it off into an ravine before a blizzard came on. It was hidden so far in the trees, that one couldn't even see it from the road.

"I dunno." He just wanted to be invisible. He didn't even show up for work. "What if..what if someone wants to kill me?" That was the big question.

So Xander left it at that, giving Joey ample space and time, to think.

Think about Xander. Figure out what to do. But just how long could someone put their life on hold?

Although, Joey wasn't thinking of his own. Just Xander's.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

An interesting thought. Sometimes we halt our own lives to help others better theirs, but where does that leave us?


Launna said...

We all need to live our lives... there is nothing wrong with helping others but halting it is never good ...