Tuesday, January 19, 2016

maybe not even a real problem

maybe not even a real problem

"I dunno what to do." Daisy was furious with Max. It seemed the only one she could talk too, was Josie. Even then she, had to track her down at the coffee shop.

"What's wrong now?" Josie looked at her puzzled. Of course, she looked different than Daisy remembered too.  She was pregnant now.

Daisy just smiled and pinched her cheek. "You look so cute, you know." Then she regretted saying it. No one wanted to hear that when you were pregnant. Oh, how she remembered.

Josie brought her coffee, and they set down in the corner.

"Oh, its nothing." Daisy knew she was jumping ahead of herself. It wouldn't happen. It couldn't.

"Well, I think it must be something." Josie looked at her wide-eyed. "Max has always been good to you."

"I know." Daisy winced, "Its just..well, Gun is seeing someone, and I can't stand her...and..and Max..oh my God..HE FLIRTED WITH HER." Daisy couldn't forget that. "I mean, we haven't done anything in ages. I mean, we didn't really see other people, even when I was pregnant with Mandy. I can't imagine, how life might be..if..if we had." She was certain they'd be completely over by now, but she didn't want to tell Josie, their relationship was hanging by a thread.

"Don't go there." Josie frowned. "You two, are great together. You're both in college. He's working."

"I know. I shouldn't be this way." And deep down, she knew she was part of the problem. Yes, she'd almost gone off with Hansen's brother. But that was a long time ago. And she knew what was important then, just as she knew now. "I know..he needs me. I mean, Mandy needs him too."

"Don't you need him?" Josie looked at her a bit startled.

Daisy pressed her lips tight.

"I'm so afraid, I'm pregnant, again." She couldn't help but want to blurt it to someone.


She took a deep breath.

"He's suppose to take care of that. You know, when..when..." She didn't need to give details. It was like a regiment of some sort. After all, she was the one with the big course load. She didn't need to be weighed down with birth control.

"You, are really funny." Josie laughed softly, and took her hand. But she didn't tell her she should have gotten on the pill or some sort of birth control. "Try to think positive."

"Oh, I feel like my life is full of writing papers and test and studying." She did look tired and even felt dizzy, waiting for the new semester to start. "What if I never finish college?"

"You will." Josie nodded. "You're one of the strongest people, I know."

Daisy didn't feel so strong.

"Are you two, ever going to get married?" Josie showed her, her engagement ring. Finally.

Daisy felt as if she and Max were way past ever being engaged. She didn't want to cause a fuss.

"If..If Gun wasn't mixed up with that party animal, he's seeing." Daisy shook her head, thinking one thing lead to another. Max letting his guard down that way.

But weren't couples suppose to ring in the new year, together?

She did love him. Maybe it was good to show him, she still did..even if they hadn't been intimate in months.

A part of her felt they were finally starting over. She knew they'd always friends. Always.  But lovers, well..it felt like a freak of nature now.

"At least, he wasn't with..what's her name?" Josie winced.

"Someone named Kara." Daisy hoped she didn't have to be her friend.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad Daisy is confiding in Josie.


Launna said...

Daisy needs someone to confide too... I am happy Josie's pregnancy is going well.. I hope we hear a little more about her and Henry xox