Monday, January 18, 2016

Its in the blood

it's in the blood

It was snowing again. Ben thought it was too cold for snow. Taylor kept telling him, it was. But it was nuisance, and frigid out. And there was no Caden to pick up when he got his mother's house.

Instantly, he was frantic.

"Where's Caden?" He wanted to know. Caden wasn't on the computer and his fort of Legos was unfinished. "What's going on?"

"Don't you, worry about him. We just need to see you, alone." His mother said. Jeremy told him he needed to listen very carefully.

There were cold cuts on the table and rye bread. His favorite. He opened the bag of Ruffles and took one. He couldn't imagine what they wanted to tell him.

"Can you wait, on a sandwich?" His mother snatched the bag. He glared at her and then Jeremy, as they got him to sit between them at the table.

"Where's Caden?" That was his priority. It would be the first question Mae would ask, if she were here.

"At the neighbors. They have puppies." His mother said.

Well, that sounded nice, thought Ben, as he got up. "I want to go see the puppies."

"No," His Dad pulled him back down to his chair. "There's something, we've been wanting to tell you ..since Christmas."

Ben nursed his lip.

"Do I have to guess?" He looked at Jeremy, who then looked at his mother Myra.

"Go ahead, tell him."

"We're millionaires!" The blurted at the same time.

"But you can't tell anyone." His mother said ever so quickly. "Especially, not..not that Mae, of yours."

"'t you dare, son." Jeremy chimed in.

"Did you two do something illegal?" Ben wanted to know.

They looked at each other, then looked at him with a quick NO.

Jeremy sighed as if Ben had not found any comfort in this new found information.

"What we are trying to say, you'll never have to work, again." Jeremy informed him.

"But you want have too..for Mae." His mother was quick to remind him ..they did not want Mae to know about the money.

"God!" Ben winced hard. "Why did you even tell me, then?"

"You're mom is so good with numbers. Its all her doing. She invested well, over the years. And you know, we are both looking out for you." His dad grabbed his hand.

" can buy a house, and you can just..just relax." His mother smiled as if she had it all figured out.

Ben didn't look so happy about it. He wanted to forget this conversation, because..they seriously, didn't want him to share any of the wealth with anyone. Maybe not even Caden.

"I'm gonna go see those puppies." He got up. A part of him wanted Caden to bring home one, just so his Mom would have to take care of it, be he wasn't that angry with his mom nor Jeremy. Perhaps, perturbed.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Yes to a visit with puppies. Perhaps it will relax him and clear his head.


Launna said...

Unless he could share it with whoever he wants to, they shouldn't have told him..