Saturday, January 16, 2016

no need to even say my name

no need to even say my name

It had fell into place quite naturally. Things with Kara. There wasn't all that much to think about. Gun decided.

But it wasn't easy seeing Xander. After all, he looked quite dreadful. Not that Gun would mention it to anyone.

It was just too hard to look at him now. And he felt a little bad for him, yet not quite enough. He looked to suffice, with that idiot he was with. Gun didn't even want to know his name.

Of course, he wasn't giving it  a name, what it was with Kara, but they'd hit it off. Yet some of the time, he didn't know who's house they were in. God knows, it wasn't at her house. He didn't see himself being asked to dinner.

After all, there was other things to pacify the time. Perhaps, make up for all those times when he was alone and feeling really lonely.

He didn't like that life. Everything was better with Kara. Besides, she was the life of the party. All smiles and laughter.

And of course, the need. That physical need of each other.

It couldn't have been a bad thing. It couldn't be. This had to be the right road, he was on.

He didn't feel so lost anymore with Kara around. And he still got his hours in, down at the diner. Perhaps 2016 was looking up.

No way, could he think of Xander to bring him down.  Nothing was going to tear him apart. Nothing.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope 2016 continues to treat him well!


Launna said...

2016 seems to definitely be looking up for him xox