Friday, January 15, 2016

something in the atmosphere

something in the atmosphere

Roman was certain of it now, after all this time, he really had lost his golden boy touch. In fact, he thought he might jinx everything around him. Except for Gun, of course.

He was doing great. Some of the time, Roman wondered if he even lived at the boarding house, but then he'd show up with Kara. Or even better, she would be coming out of his room.

Naturally, she'd look him over. Say nothing and leave. A lot like Gun. Maybe they were twins. There was just something... Well, it left him shaking his head.

And then one day, Kara actually looked him in the eye.

"You know, what you have to do?"

"What?" The question was quite baffling. Especially, in the hallway. Roman hugged himself as if she might be looking at all the parts of him, he really didn't want her to know about.

"You, should ask her out."

"Ask?" He winced ever so slightly. Kara rolled her eyes as if he needed to get a clue, and of course, showing off more of her lean leg than he wished for.

"Sue." She looked him wide-eyed, as if she knew all along. "Ask her out."

Roman almost laugh. Maybe it was a gasp. "But..."

"She's really not into my brother, anyway. You, need to shake things up." She informed him.

"I dunno." Sounded like a stupid idea, but he knew  a few who pegged him that way, anyway. A real go-getter.He sighed in thought.

"You know, you want too. I know  she wants you, too." She told him.

"You do?"

Kara only nodded and went on her way, but then looked back at him.

"Stop thinking so much and just do it." She said from the bottom of the stairway.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Fighting words!


Launna said...

I think Roman needs to suck it up and ask her out ...