Wednesday, February 24, 2016

and then

and then

"What happened now?" Xander wanted to know first thing when Simon showed up, alone at his place. Again.

Except, Xander wasn't alone and it was early morning. Xander barely found his winter slippers to put on and he was in his sleep pants and his shirt unbuttoned.

"You, OK?" At least the bedroom door was shut. Maybe all would be calm..if they talked softly. "Do I need to.."

Honestly, he hadn't felt he was any help last time. He'd cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. They really didn't need him. They could get a maid to do that. But at least he understood their father's hate. They both looked too much like his father's father. Which, Xander found ridiculous.

"Yeah, its just um, I don't like being there, with the two of them." Simon slightly shivered.

"But..but you've been with them..forever." Xander gave him a pat on the back.

"Its..just..different." Simon sighed. Xander went to make him coffee.

"Its my fault." Xander decided, but he didn't want to play that game. "They are your family..and I..I'm sorry."

"You, haven't cause this." Simon assured him.

Xander nodded, wanting to get back to his own life. Honestly, he didn't see it moving this quickly. And yet it felt the natural thing to do. Being with Ducky. But he wasn't sure he wanted to spring it on anyone. After all, Ducky spent the night. Wasn't like this happened everyday.

"What do you want me, to do?" Xander was about to ask, but of course, Ducky opened the bedroom door and yawned. Thankfully, he was in his flannel pants.

Simon looked at Ducky.  Xander blew a breath. Ducky only smirked.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This may require a bit of explaining. :/


Launna said...

That was cute... no one should ask questions though, it isn't their business ...