Wednesday, February 10, 2016



Nobody knew his real name. Ducky wanted to keep it that way. Of course, that was the last thing he'd ever bring up. Especially, with introduction.

Actually, he was pretty much out of practice, in that sort of thing.

But something funny actually happened in the emergency room. And immediately, he found himself wanting to make the most of it. Even if he were the doctor on call. Thank God, it was a very slow night. So many things to be grateful for. He supposed.

And he thought it was sweet that this neighbor brought the pregnant girl in. Ducky already noticed this was her second pregnancy. He was going to reprimand her badly, but he didn't..because, he kept gravitating toward someone else in the room.

Ducky, knew he shouldn't have come back, but he thought he could help. Perhaps linger. Make things a little more calm. And yet, he felt himself laughing softly, when this fellow was trying to explain himself.

After while, it was taking care of the little things. And Ducky knew it would be all over, in a matter of minutes. The girl needed to relax. Rest. Go home. And he'd be ready for the next blunder to come through the doors.

When he noticed Josie was alone, he wanted to ask where he went.

"I think he's in the hallway." She read his mind. Ducky winced, slightly. What was she?

"Were you, going to leave her, here?" Ducky found a question to ask. Although, he guessed it sounded harsh.

"No. I..I thought she might rest better." He was on his Android, texting.

"What was your name, again?" Ducky hugged himself, straight lipped, as if he was the hard ass he was suppose to be.

"Uh, Xander. Xander Sanchez."

"Oh." Ducky cleared his throat, with a slight wince as if he must be confused, like maybe Xander was wanted for something. Maybe not in this country. "Well, most call me, Ducky."

Xander nodded.

"So, who'll stay with her tonight?" Ducky wanted to know.

"I text her mom. She's on her way." He sighed as if his shift was over.

"Good." Ducky couldn't think of a way to get passed this. "I..I don't see many neighbors, like you." He couldn't help but smile.

"Her fiance  would be here, if it wasn't for that sleep study." Xander assured him. "They are good neighbors." Xander smiled, as if they both looked out for each other.

Ducky nodded, feeling it was all floundering fast. What was he suppose to say? Hoping for a moment to go where he wanted it to go, instead of reacting with a plan to help someone get better.

"Are you hungry?" Ducky wanted to know.

"I guess..I did miss dinner." Xander shrugged as if he could possible eat something.

"The cafeteria does have a salad bar." Ducky told him.

Before he knew it, they were both walking that way. Ducky couldn't help but smile.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ooh, I'm excited to see what transpires between Xander and Ducky!


Launna said...

Hmm very interesting about Ducky and Xander..