Thursday, February 11, 2016

one step at a time

one step at a time

Scott could sense it, already. Essie was on edge, even if she said she was just out of practice. Making costumes.

"I should have never said yes." She'd poked her finger with a needle, ever so gently, while hemming on some outfit her friend Vada would wear for the play.

"I don't think, that's it." He went to make tea. Katherine was safely tucked away in her crib. All was so calm. They should be sleeping too. She'd avoided telling him what was up with this visit from Brittany.

"Why won't you tell me, what happened?" He'd been patient. Letting her sort it all out.

"It was nothing." She was in the dance with the needle and thread. She had to do it quickly. There was no time. He felt her sigh, too.

" me exactly..what did she say." He brought the herbal tea over to her. She'd been rather mute the night he'd brought it up before.

Essie cleared her throat.

"She's..she is with Carson." Essie was practically on autopilot.

Scott nodded. At least, Carson wasn't with Charlie. It was pretty clear Charlie and Barry were making plans for a future. Barry wanted Charlie to go to the University. Perhaps, they'd get married first.

Essie looked at the costume. The skirt was practically an ocean of fabric. It looked endless to hem.

"I don't think it'll..come to much." She finally said, "But it seems, he's starting to think..well, maybe its just her...that..that Katherine is his."

She looked as if she might burst into tears.  She put down the dress and needle and thread.

Scott went to her. He hugged her tight.

"I know, you've been much..already.." Scott hated to tell her this, one more time. "But..but maybe it'll be a good thing..if..if Carson is Katherine's father."

She cried more into his shoulder. He knew it would take some time to let it set in.

"What we should do, is..I dunno..get to know them, better. I mean, I know him..but you don't know him now. And..and things could be different." He looked her, with his hands on her shoulders. "I'd hate for there to be this court order," He sighed.

"It wouldn't come to that." She shook her head.

"Lets..lets invite them to dinner." He'd prefer if they met in a public place, but he'd have to take his chances, hoping it could be civil here.

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