Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Even when its cold outside

even if it's cold outside

"Did you two have a fight?" Clare's question really caught Carson off guard.

Why didn't Brittany want to see him?

"No." He didn't know if he could sleep tonight. Knowing Brittany was at his mother's. "No. Everything..is fine. Its fine."

"She seems ..kind of scared..maybe." Clare looked at him as if she might be picking him apart and deciding he was a monster, after all.

"I didn't do anything." He sighed. Maybe that was it. He needed to do more around the apartment. But he was tired. "Wait? Where was she?" Maybe Theo's grandparents put her up to this?

"I'm..I'm not sure."

"Well, some help you are." He couldn't help to say. It just came so naturally to be angry, when he was around her.

"She's here, isn't she?" His mother reminded him.

"I just want to talk to her." Carson fumed.

"Maybe, she doesn't want to..tonight..."

"Maybe I will, but you have to stay." Brittany cut in. Of course, she was holding Theo.

Carson got up and took Theo from her. Maybe it was the baby smell that got to him. Honestly, he'd never been this close to any baby before, and Theo kissed him on the nose.

Brittany pressed her lips as if maybe he did really care... more about the baby, than her. She was already in some winter pajamas, ready for bed.

"I lied to you." She sighed.

"What?" He winced.

"I wanted to talk to Essie." She informed him.

Clare looked at her, then Carson.

"She has a very nice house." She looked as if she were about to cry. "And then I figured it all out." She went to take Theo from him. "She's scared of you. That's what it is. That's why she wouldn't tell you, about the baby."

"Scared of me!" Carson's voice rose. "Why? Why would she be scared of me?" He was angry.

Clare pulled Brittany and Theo away. Told them to go to the guest room.

"I DON'T HAVE ANGER ISSUES!" He shouted at his mother Clare. "SHE..You know..what she did! Don't you!"

"I dunno, Honey. Just who are you talking about? Now?" She looked at him.

"I'm not a bad guy! Why does Essie have to make me out to be the bad guy!" Carson swelled a frown, his fist were knotted. Oh, he really wanted to punch something. But he went out into the cold to think. He didn't want to lose Brittany, too.

Can't we all get along

"Wouldn't it be a nice surprise..if..if Carson is Katherine's father?" Scott finally got up the nerve to question Essie. He knew it had been hard all these months...she was sick with worry over that guy from the church. Scott swore he'd never say his name, and he hadn't.

"Do you think that would be luck?" She winced hard, wanting to forget the whole matter, but as much as she put it off..it wouldn't go away.

"I think if he wants a paternity test..then you shouldn't have any qualms about it." Scott sucked in a breath. Honestly, he really hoped Katherine was Carson's. Still that would be another obstacle, in itself.

"Maybe..if..if you just talk to him-"

"I don't want too." Her face was sour with anguish. "I don't want to have anything..not a thing to do with Carson."

Scott wished he could change her attitude. "But.but you talked to his girlfriend..and..and you even said her little boy is so adorable." He reminded her, Brittany must  be a good influence on him.

She crossed her arms as if that was some sort of fluke ..since she knew what Carson wanted. She walked away to the kitchen to check on dinner.

Scott sighed but followed her to the sunny area, that didn't give him headaches so much, anymore. "If we could just get to know each other. You know, be a support, for each other. It'll all work out."

But Essie wasn't saying  much. She was mute on the idea that Carson could help them raise Katherine.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Carson and Essie have a lot of unresolved issues. :/


Launna said...

Carson HAS an anger issue, he really needs to get to the root of it and get control of it...