Wednesday, February 3, 2016

where do we go

where do we go from here

It was obvious. Xander didn't know the half of it. Simon kept hoping things would get better at home, but they hadn't yet. He guessed that's why he showed up on Xander's doorstep.

"They just won't stop fussing." He finally told his brother.

"About what?" Xander had to know. Simon thought he would know.

"He keeps saying YOU don't look a thing like him." Simon shrugged. "But then again, he doesn't think I really look like him, either."

"Oh." Xander barely said and went to get something for Simon to drink.

"I wish he wasn't like this, but he's just like his dad. Even if he looks nothing like him, but evidently we do." Simon told Xander. "Its crazy, you know. Just crazy." Simon tried to laugh about it, but he didn't like seeing his mother, having to deal with their Dad like this. "Still, I wish he'd go on some trip and never come back." He hated all the arguing.

"You, don't mean that." Xander sighed, handing him a soda.

"If he wasn't the way he was, you'd be living with us. Not here. Mom, said so. He just got..." Simon winced as if all of this gave off a bad smell of angst. He didn't want to turn into his dad.

"I hope your Mom is OK," Xander told him his mother was the best.

"He just keeps saying she spends all his money. Stuff like that." Simon sighed. Really, he didn't see his parents staying together too long. "I don't want to go back."

"You, have too. You, have to look out for your mom." Xander didn't like the idea that she was alone with him, right now.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

What a complicated situation!


Launna said...

Wow... if Xander is that concerned... I hope she will be okay...