Monday, February 22, 2016

February blues

February Blues

Slater was hoping things would be warmer in Kansas City. But he was wrong. There was ice.

Still, he helped Josh unload at his new place. They unloaded the beds first.

What were they thinking.... to come all this way in February? But Josh offered him a job. After all, he worked with Josh with the Martial Arts program on the Reservation. But there was more money with this gig. Plus Josh decided to take some business classes. He wanted to be more than a kid's coach.

They unloaded the little U-Haul trailer as quickly as they could, so they could return it on time. Slater knew he was under-dressed for the weather. He might have been fighting a cold, but then again, he'd had a rough throat for weeks, and his sinuses felt frozen at the moment.

They made their way up the second floor and while Josh was unlocking the door, he saw her coming out the door next to their apartment.

Slater stared for a moment, trying to think where he knew her. He smiled.

"Hey," Slater managed.

She caught him staring then, and she winced as if it were unusual, he'd say such a thing.

"Uh." He shivered in the cold in his Levi jacket. Even his flannel couldn't keep him warm enough. "I..I think I..remember you."

She looked at him blankly.

"Oh." Her smile was open. "Jess' friend."

He slightly winced, thinking he didn't know that name anymore. He sighed.

"You know, she's going to nursing school." Her cousin said.

He thought he might go deaf. He pressed his lips tight. Not sure if discussing Jess was something he should do.


"I could call her." She told him.

Slater was even lipped, but he managed to nod.

"'d want to talk to her." She walked closer, toward him.

Next thing he knew she was inside their cold apartment dwelling. Josh went to turn up the heat.

Irma introduced herself. Even shook Josh's hand.

She got out her phone from her back pocket and clicked Jess' number.

For a moment, Slater was sure Irma couldn't ring her, but then she said. "Hey, guess who I'm talking too?"

Slater only glared at her, but she handed over the phone. "Say something."

Josh looked at him as if he better do, what he was told.


Launna said...

Well that was quick, just calling her up like that.... it would have been nice if he had a moment..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Slater was definitely strong-armed!