Sunday, February 21, 2016

the heart of the moment

the heart of the moment

Josie thought of the last time she was here, at the hospital. All those false labor pains. And the stress test. She could have found out then, if she were having a girl or a boy, but she didn't want to know. She wanted Henry to be with her, when they found out.

Of course, now, she laid on the bed on edge, worried she'd start contractions.

Naturally, Henry squeezed her hand.

Still, her mind went back on rewind of her mother's words that night. Oh, how she wished her mother hadn't came to the emergency room.

"Are you sure, this..this Xander..doesn't have a thing for Henry?" Her mother would have to bring up the well known fact about Henry's past.

It made Josie so mad to hear her mother say such nonsense, but she couldn't stop her. After all, it was Xander who got a hold of her mother.

"Maybe its Henry who likes Xander." Her mother told him.

Oh, she was so steamed then. Maybe she didn't feel much better about it, swallowed by the bitterness of her mother's words.

"What's wrong?" Henry wanted to know now.

"Its nothing." Josie knew she had to forget her mother's words. Why was she like this? She thought her mom always liked Henry, but now it donned on her, that her mom didn't trust him. He would always be gay in her mother's eyes.

She sighed as if she'd rather be anywhere than here, at the moment.

"Its just..well, I had those ..those contractions, and..and what if the baby..well, maybe its my body, thinks ..they need to start up again." There was so much unknown. But she knew for certain, she trusted Henry. No matter what warning her mother might give her.

"Do you feel, OK?" Henry asked.

"I dunno. I don't feel like I'm breathing right." He helped her sit up. They hadn't started the sonogram yet. Of course, the nurse came in, as if why weren't they ready.

Finally, she settled back down and the sonogram started as if they sonar system was up and running to find a treasure in a buried sea.

Josie took a breath.

"OK, we do want to know, right?" She asked. They both nodded.

Josie nursed her bottom lip. On the bright side, she knew she wasn't having twins.

"Looks like, you two, have a girl." She told them.

Henry smiled with a sigh.

A few minutes later the doctor was with them. Initially, Josie's due date was in late May.

"It looks like the first week in May." The doctor informed them.

Josie laid back a little dizzy. They didn't even have a crib.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Josie's mom wouldn't put such ideas in her head! :/


Launna said...

People need to stop judging people from their past. Henry is committed to Josie and loves her, I'm glad she knows that despite her mother's words... and yay for a girl xox ♡