Saturday, February 20, 2016

the wildest of dreams

The WILDEST of Dreams

Max secured the sides of the pamper and put Mandy's feet back into her one piece sleeper.

They were taking it easy today. He didn't have to work, but he yawned as if he was in a dire need of a nap instead of Mandy.

He looked over his shoulder, Daisy was on the phone, again.

Definitely, no family time today. He silenced the thought before he could make a big deal about it. He held on to Mandy while she put her hands on his lips, finally giving him a wet kiss. He smiled.

"Hey, need to rest." He put her in the crib and went to put on her favorite tunes, some old Madonna tunes, which were her grandfather's favorites.

He turned to see Daisy staring at her phone as if it she'd heard the worst news possible.

"What? Your favorite boy band break up, or something?" He looked out their bedroom window. It was snowing, again. He drew a frown.

She shook her head, no.

"I got a call from the University." She sucked in a breath.

"Really." He couldn't think of it being serious.

"Its just an Internship." She sighed.

"Wow. I had no idea, even applied for one." He shrugged, as she nursed her bottom lip. He thought she looked a little sad about it.

"Its in Chicago." She swelled a frown.

"Chicago?" Max winced hard. " are you suppose to get there and you know, where will you live?"

"The company will pay for a place to stay and airfare." She told him.

"That's not so bad." He sighed.

"But..but its for three months." She did look as if she might cry.

"Three months?" He didn't know that was possible. She nodded, and he let her fall into his arms and cry into his shoulder.

Max let himself embrace the situation. "Maybe I can bring see you." Of course, he couldn't see it. Managing her in the grocery store was one thing, but a trip to Chicago, that seemed impossible.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish people would be happier for her - this is a fantastic opportunity!


Launna said...

I think this is a good opportunity for her... I hope she doesn't let people talk her out of it.