Saturday, February 13, 2016

in the mood

Its been way too long..

"I dunno what, you mean?" Henry winced as if it couldn't be true. "You, were at the hospital, when I was at the hospital?" He shook his head. What had gotten into Josie?

"Well, you don't tell me everything!" She swelled a frown and flipped a pancake. He'd meant to do the cooking, but she told him he should take a nap since he didn't really sleep during the sleep study.

Of course, he said he was fine, but she said that couldn't be true.

"You, have to tell me everything. EVERYTHING! From now on." She pointed the spatula at him.

He looked at her a little wobbly.

"Are you sure its OK..if..if we have pancakes?" He was certain it must be bad for her.

She sighed and put the bacon on a paper towel.

"I want pancakes." She was rather sly. Even the table was set. A jug of milk waited next to the tall glasses.

She'd made her own brown sugar syrup.

"I promise I'll eat salad, everyday." She pressed her lips tight. She brought Henry a stack of pancakes. Her plate, a small stack. Henry looked at the plate wide-eyed. He poured the milk.

Of course, the pancakes were delicious. He was suspicious of the extra sugar.

"But they'd be even better with the cherry pie filling and the Cool Whip." He jumped up to get the items from the fridge.

"How could we ever forget that?" She helped herself to the cherries.

Henry yawned. A light smile came to him. Breakfast before bed.

"What?" She looked at him.

"I think I'm really going to sleep tonight." He promised.

She nodded.

"Are you really, OK?" He wanted to know.

She nodded. "Besides, Xander met someone at the emergency room." She bit into a slice of pancake with cherries and Cool Whip.

"And that's suppose to be a good thing?" Henry winced.

"He's a doctor." Josie smiled as if it might be fate.

A Valentines date

"Stop." Ducky put his hands up.

It was kind of funny not seeing him in his usual gear at the hospital. After all, it was an accident that Landon and Eli saw him at the diner. "Don't fix me up, anymore."

Landon's smile was quick. "But I liked, stressing you out." He teased, giving his friend a pat on the back.

"He hates blind dates more than I do." Eli shrugged.

"Are you eating alone?" Landon felt like a big brother to Ducky, who was always so busy with his residency, didn't know that many people.

"No." He said very quietly. His date hadn't arrived. "I'm..I'm just a little early." He pressed his lips tight, as if he might be hesitant.

"Why don't you, tell us about him?" Eli smirked.

Landon gave his husband a look and rolled his eyes.

Ducky let a smile slip. "You two are so funny. I know you love each other."

"Us?" Landon slightly scowled as he put his arm around Eli, "We're old married couple, what would we know about stuff like that." Landon went on to exaggerate.

Ducky glared at them, as if he didn't want any funny stuff going on with them around his date.

"OK, we will try our best not to interfere." Landon wasn't sure that was a promise.

"Its just a date. OK. A date." His eyes lit.

Landon nodded, but he could tell by Ducky's voice.. it was important to him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm excited for Xander!


Launna said...

I think Henry and Josie need to be completely open with each other... I was so excited to see you write about them... they are two of my favorite characters ...