Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy little valentines

happy little valentines

"YOU'RE ALREADY GOING OUT WITH HIM?" Josie's voice on Xander's cell made him wince harder. He knew he should have never taken the call when he got to the parking lot.

"Its not gonna work." He told her. Of course, he'd said yes when Ducky offered. No one had ever asked him on a date before. Granted, it wasn't going to be a big deal. He had no expectations. "Besides, I'm..I'm not good enough." He was already looking from the bottom of his low life.

"WHAT!" Now she was practically screaming. "Don't say that! I never want to hear you, put yourself down, again."

He winced. Sorry, he'd said anything.

Still, he knew when Ducky found out he worked at a nail salon, that would be it. He dreaded the laughter. "He saves people, I can do your nails."

"You, won't lie to him, will you?" Josie practically yelp.

"No." He wouldn't lie, but he wouldn't bring it up, either. "Look, I'm here." He'd stood out in the freezing cold long enough. "I don't want him thinking I stood him up." He clicked off and put his cell away. Honestly, he was the kind of guy who liked to bring along a satchel, a backpack, something. But he had nothing to hang on too. Just himself.

They'd mostly talked about Ducky, the night they met. Ducky still lived at home. At least, he laughed about it. He envied Xander, that he had his own place, and he was from another country. Ducky had never... even been to Chicago.

"I'm very bad at directions," He'd added. Maybe it had been a good thing that it ended so quickly, that night. They had at least gotten each other's phone number, but Xander vowed he wouldn't call him, and he didn't.

Then he'd gotten a text before bed. "We should go out. We should really go out."

And here he was, not at all sure it was even a good idea. After all, they only had one thing in common.

"That's not it." Ducky informed him a few minutes later after they ordered coffee. "It wasn't because you knew, Korean."  He smiled ever so brightly. "I knew you were good. You were genuine, the first moment I saw you, but I don't think you hear it often enough." He pressed his lips tight, as if he'd said too much.

Xander thought he might have forgotten how to breathe. He couldn't decide if he was so happy he needed to cry, or it was just sad, someone would have such a thought about him.

"I dunno." Xander shook his head. "You've accomplished a lot. I can't say.. I've done that." Xander held his hands, possibly a bit too tight. He could hardly look at Ducky, even if he wanted to know his face, his plush lips and almond shaped eyes.

Ducky sighed with a shrug. He asked him in Korean if he liked to dance.

"What kind of dancing are you talking about?" Xander said in English, uncertain if he understood him properly.

"I guess you'll have to find out." Oh, his smile was definitely unattainable. Xander couldn't help but laugh. "We'll go back to your place." Ducky finally smirked.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Xander and Duck are so smitten with one another!


Launna said...

I think Xander and Ducky will be good together..