Monday, February 15, 2016

its only a play

Its only a Play

Vada didn't know what a princess was suppose to feel like, but that night on stage..she felt the spotlight warm her face. Her heart beating fast, full of energy and becoming exactly what she wanted to be.

It was a thrill. Even more so, to have Alo with her. Oh, she couldn't think of a better Valentine's day. It was so much fun. And they'd do it again, for the next three nights.

Thankfully, the theater was packed and everything went smoothly, even if Roman was practically tripping over Suzanne half the time.

Vada watched the two. It was awkward, yet a pleasant surprise to watch. She really thought they made a good team. Suzanne took notes like a new doctor on a medical team. Her watchful eye was always on Roman, waiting for direction. They were so cute. In fact, she told Alo, this after the play when everything was at a simmer. Still, it was close to midnight, before they left... after opening night, Honestly, she felt it was worth it. She could get addicted to this kind of theater life.

Kayla & Oliver

Kayla was shocked the most. Oliver in a major role on stage. She had no idea he even had it in him.

"All I had to do, was memorize it." Naturally, he was coy as usual.

"But..but just think..if..if you'd done this in college..then.." She caught his gaze, knowing, she shouldn't have brought it up. She knew he was glad to be here with her and their family.

She looped her arm around his. Yes, she'd decided he was far more interesting than she ever knew. And she'd have to coax him into more theater productions. Because he was in a league of his own. It finally sank in, after all this time, that she was very happy to be with him, and wouldn't want to be with anyone else. And now, it was time to never let another cross her mind. He was her man, and she was keeping him.

"I love you." She told him as she leaned against his shoulder. "Always."

Just remember

The night of the first production went off without a hitch. Which was a surprise to Roman. Something was bound to go wrong. And just when he felt certain, it was a success..Suzanne's grandmother tapped him on the shoulder.

"I need to talk to you."

Immediately, he thought he might choke. Honestly, he felt a little ill. He couldn't help to be shaky. Suzanne gave him a bottle of water, but he couldn't drink it.

Oh, he hated to think what she might say about the quicky production, that was left in his hands. Sure, he'd found people for the parts, since there was no time for auditions. Was it a problem that a high schooler had such a large role? What could possibly be wrong?

Naturally, Suzanne said nothing and she didn't follow him to the manager's office, either. He was all on his own. It was a cold walk there, and yet he was in a sweat.

"I'm sending you to London." She said straight away.

"What?" Roman was afraid he'd keel over.

"Yes, well, I've had the tickets for some time. I usually send the director to get some ideas for this year's shows." She sighed. "And..I think it would do Suzanne some good, if she went with you."

Roman couldn't help to stare. Did he hear this, correctly?

"Now, you take very good care of my grand-daughter." She informed him, With her ominous glare, he knew he better take the best of care, and learn something in the process.

Roman only nodded, even if he felt a huge lump was in his throat. "Thank you." He finally got out.

"No, thank you. I really think, you can save this playhouse." She smiled as if she owned him already and was expecting the best.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Talk about an awesome opportunity for Roman!


Launna said...

This is good for Roman ... I'm happy Vada enjoyed herself...

ellie said...

It was interesting..after I wrote this about Roman, I met the director of our local theater, and they do go for London once a year to get ideas for play productions.