Wednesday, February 17, 2016

its the little things

its a holiday

Carson could still feel the laughter long after the wedding ceremony. Yes, he was quite happy they'd turned this around. And were so much closer than he ever expected he could be, with anyone.

He could hardly say it. He was a married man, but of course, there was Gage, with his arm around his shoulder, grinning from ear to ear.

"You, finally did it." Gage just said.

"What?" Carson drew a blank. They were gathered together at Oliver's for cupcakes, coffee and punch. It was a small gathering, but Brittany looked so pretty in her white dress, even if it were a mini along with her winter Uggs.

"You know, you've got a real family now." Gage grinned more.

Carson sighed. He wished his brother hadn't said that.

"But..I and Mom..and.." He looked over his shoulder and there was Chevy and Ren. "And..Dad.."

"You know, what I mean." Gage was serious. "I'm really proud of you."

Carson could barely take it all in.

"So where are you two going for a honeymoon?" His Dad was right behind him now, shoving him a couple of fifty dollar bills.

"Oh, we're having a stay-cation." Brittany chimed in all bright eyed.

Carson evened his smile. It was true, they hadn't put much thought into a honeymoon, and he'd have to go back to work day after tomorrow.

Carson's mother looked at him sadly.

"We'll have Theo for the next couple of days." She handed him a reservation at one of the downtown hotels. "And two tickets to see Kenny Chesney, one of Brittany's favorites." His mother beamed.

A tickle got caught in Carson's throat. He didn't even know Brittany liked country music.

one thing after another

Tessa made it in time for Garvin's first ceremony. Honestly, he was a little nervous, but afterwards, everything was one big party and Garvin couldn't help to smile from ear to ear. He could get used to this. Marrying people. And he wasn't even a preacher.

Of course, it had snowed that morning, and they'd all trudged across the street to Oliver's. But it was warm there, and lots of food and laughter.

"You've been really busy." Tess reminded him.

Garvin nodded. It had been one little adventure after another. He'd even done a little advertising for the local theater. In fact, the paper paid him for the interviews and the pictures. Of course, it was more time than money, but kept him busy.

She told him he should write a book. He was not a novelist.

"Who said, you had to write a novel." She looked at him, that he needed to put his pictures in a book.

Tess always had him wrapped up in something, before he knew it. Hopefully, she would figure out what he should have a book about.

But at the moment, he was taking orders to make benches, or perform a wedding. Maybe if you needed your house painted, he could do that too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm happy for Carson.


Launna said...

This is good for Carson, I hope he takes the time to get to know her... we never know someone right away